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Twitter…Please don’t do it, Advertising??? NO please don’t…

Twitter Logo

While I was reading my Google Reader post from various RSS feeds. I came across a post that is both exciting and disturbing at the same time. In the article that TechCrunch has posed it seems last night or Sunday Night 4/13/08 twitter was doing a little knocking of the gears and some people said they saw ad’s being attached to their tweets or in the stream of tweets. While the excitement comes for a company that has yet to monetize twitter, the disturbing or disappointing fact remains that we all subcomb to the beast. The all mighty dollar, $$$$, money, duckets, cnotes, hundeds.

As we all know when you run a business it makes sense to operate in a fashion that will eventually make money. Those of us who run businesses and also twitter for business understand the audience is there and ripe for the pickens. I mean it’s not easy to make money from a service that post in 140 characters or less what your doing who would have thunk it.

So it seems like the big bucks have taken a hold of what I considered to be one the truest forms of communications, the talons that the VC’s have now sunk into the twitter head honchos is pretty tight. We always get to see something great turn into something foolish and eventully dead because of the VC’s fast method of “making money”.

I really hope the story is not true but if it is get ready for your post just like your gmail to show you wanted and unwanted ads telling you how great this product is that your twittering about.

Twitter just remember to make a pay subscription so I can immediately turn off my ad as soon as you go live on May 1.

Just my 2 cents.