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Windows 7 should you upgrade or clean install, oh and what about Vista?

Vista Blue Screens, showing it's Death stance

With the introduction of Windows 7, we are at another crossroads in time. Microsoft is releasing Windows 7 in late October, in my opinion that day will be the death of Vista. The major reason is because worldwide acceptance was never on the radar for Vista, EVER! and Windows 7 is ready to pounce. Microsoft can show the share holders the value of Vista but when that value is inflated with numbers that come from new PC sales, not existing customers upgrading, also not tied to the number of New PC sold with the Windows XP downgrade, I hope you see the point I’m making.  Vista was never accepted in very wide circles, you had to take it when buying a new computer and this made the numbers looked very good for Microsoft in doing that kind of a move.

Many small to medium sized businesses never moved from Windows XP, and we know why that never happen. Microsoft had finally over time gotten something right with the release of Windows XP SP2 and the OS (Operating System) was so stable, that you were in awe that it could continue to run for weeks and even months without crapping out. Microsoft had to push back the end of Lifecycle on Windows XP, because it was so stable, and the heat they took for saying it was coming to an end without a good alternative had many people crying foul.

One of the other major problems with Vista was the overly abundant versions of the OS from the simple OS to the most complex and secure model, I believe there were 6 different versions, and for a consumer wanting to upgrade from any other OS they had a technical decision that most just could not make so the easiest thing to do was just to stay with what you had.

Windows 7 is coming on October 22, 2009

I remember when Windows XP dropped and people were at the Mall ready to purchase it at 12:01AM. Some people were camped out at the door steps of the local best buy looking to grab a first copy. Microsoft had that kind of effect on people (geeks) but now days everyone knows bugs are gonna be an issue with any brand new OS. My father always said “Never buy a new car the first year it’s in production” in my opinion my father knew what a beta tester was even way back then.  Even Mac has had it share of bugs with the Snow Leopard release. Since we all know how Microsoft is famous for releasing a product, to the masses knowing damn well it’s an unstable release, some will fear the same with Window 7 and will not brave the weather to be in a store at 12:01AM to purchase the OS.

You have a decision to make, upgrade of clean install?

With any OS you have to make a very important decision about weather you should upgrade, or install the new OS as a clean install (meaning you delete the data on the hard drive and install the new OS on the formatted hard drive). Upgrades are an unknown factor when it comes to computer systems, meaning that you could have a smooth install or one that deletes all your hard work that you have acquired over the years. It’s always a good idea to have a full backup of your computer system, from software files, to personal photos, and personal data files from your most used applications.

Once you start the process of upgrading you can’t turn back so weigh the decision very seriously. Take the time to read the information about the upgrade process. One thing I will say is that Microsoft will throw a ton of PDF’s at you explaining how to do something with their OS. It’s truly a Google, or should I say Bing search away.

Why upgrade?

The major reason you should upgrade to any OS is because of the new capabilities of the software, along with refinements in speed, access, and security to name a few. It’s amazing how much faster a system will run with the right equipment inside your computer. Understand that a lot of times when someone upgrades their PC they are doing this for reasons only they know. Some people notice how much faster the new OS will access their data, some people will notice how finding items, and doing normal task will speed up with a simple upgrade. The upgrade is supposed to give you access to possible new features that were not included in the older previous versions of the OS.

Why Clean install?

Clean install, is the best way to start your OS life with a existing computer. Note: If you already have a brand new computer with Windows 7 installed you will not need to even read this post. Clean install means you wipe the hard drive of your computer with many of the free (disk erase) tools on the net. Understand this will totally delete all Software, and Personal files from your PC. You will never be able to get them back so make sure you backup your data and personal files, there I said it again. Backup, Backup, Backup oh and don’t forget to look at the backups once your done. I’ve seen first hand a company backup data, but the never looked at said data before wiping out a hard drive and poof, the damage is done. One company I know of was totally down for 7 days, they had no computer systems to use and lost a lot of business because backups were never checked.

That clean install is just like having a new computer, remember when you first bought your computer home from the store and you took the time to set it up and when you turned it on it was so fast you thought it was a mistake. That is what a clean install will do for you, if you just upgrade some of those old files and programs are gonna start up as your new systems starts, thus slowing down your computer. I suggest you either consult a real technology professional, when doing a upgrade or clean install. Or at least I suggest you take the time to view some of the thousands of pages that Microsoft has out there to help you upgrade your system.

The jury is still out on how popular the new Windows 7 OS will be, but I can say this, I’ve been using a version of Windows 7 that seems to be working like a charm and I have had no issues, oh except the time I closed my laptop while using VMWare on my Macbook Pro, while Windows 7 was running in the background processing a programs data (blue Screen of Death). I will probably say I caused that crash, with all my awesome geekness.


Please backup your blackberry, before it’s too late.


As an avid blackberry user and former Network Administrator I have come across a ton of scenarios where backup was needed but not practiced.  Some methods I’ve used to fix these problems come from knowledge base articles, to online forums, to just plain old common sense.  There is one thing that as a tech junkie I have to talk about today.  That subject is about Backing up your data, While there are many articles on the net about backing up your personal (Computer) data many don’t talk about backing up your cell phone data.

I have been a blackberry user for over 5 years now, and in that time it’s come to my attention over and over again, the question is not if I will lose data it’s when?  That “when” you may never know, but since blackberries and Smart Phones in general are the norm now days.  We all have to take the proper precautions to save our data.  Some of us have saved data for years, and while most people can’t understand why someone would want to save so much useless data.  I have a ton of reasons I’ll go into on another post some day.

Why Backup your Smart Phone

Simply you have over time added more and more task, contacts, memo’s, notes, and other things to your Smart Phone that if you lost today, you have no where to get it back.  A lot of these phones can carry an enormous amount of data including files, pictures, calendars and other things.  These items are usually stored in the ROM of your smart phone.  Wikipedia.org defines ROM as Read-only memory (usually known by its acronym, ROM) is a class of storage media used in computers and other electronic devices. Because data stored in ROM cannot be modified (at least not very quickly or easily), it is mainly used to distribute firmware (software that is very closely tied to specific hardware, and unlikely to require frequent updates). ROM cannot be removed from your phone, it’s a permanent storage area within your device.

This ROM is your internal MEMORY which saves your data, pictures, and other items to your device.  Some smart phones also have a memory flash card that lets you create a place to store more data, that you can also remove from your phone and even access with a computer given the right software sometimes. Usually this flash card only saves pictures, music, video, and items that you record, but it does not save any contacts, calendar, task or other items that are part of the phones software.

I understand ROM, but tell me why I need to backup

A Smart phone is just like a computer it can fail, and if it does will you be able to recover that special number, or contact calendar from your device?  In most cases NO, you will never get that data back and it’s over.  You have to start from scratch with entering all your contacts again, which means an enormous amount of your personal time, not to mention the loss of critical items that are gone forever.  Don’t even think about sending your device to a specialty tech shop that deals in lost data, if you do plan on spending hundreds of dollars.

You don’t need to lost your data, at least you can always have a backup with in reach at any given moment.  Most Smart phones come with software that you can use to import contacts, task, calendar functions and other things that help.  Along with that most of them allow you to backup your data right to the same computer that you use to do all these functions.  I’m only going to discuss the blackberry method today but remember there are many manufactures out there that also do this, please consult your device manual for more information.  Better yet call your carrier, and ask for the data team or someone that can help you set up backups with your phone and the accompanying software, that is what they are there for in my opinion.

Blackberry backup method

You will need:

  • Blackberry device
  • USB Cable

Since I’m all about saving time and allowing you to get the best resources for answers I took the time to sift the net and found some resoruces that should help you in the process.  They tell you how to make that backup of your device and should help as a written example of how to do this, I hope my words hit home.  Remember this can happen to anyone, it’s only a matter of time.

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TBTR (Comments are always welcome)

WordPress 2.8 has been released, but I would caution you from upgrading right away.

wordpress-logo-hoz-rgbWordPress hands down might be the best blogging platform around, but with so many changes so quickly do you really need to upgrade today?  I always say when it comes to upgrades on blogs or on standard Operating systems, unless the update is a critical patch don’t upgrade immediately.  Most of the time you find that if you don’t need to upgrade then take your time and let the experts do all the break fix testing.

New WordPress 2.8 Blog Post

Give the community time to download and install especially those who are new to blogging and WordPress.  I would say give it about a month before going for the upgrade and if there are plug-ins that you use check out the developers site to see if they have checked that it works or is having issues before you upgrade.  WordPress is at version 2.8 which means in my opinion if your at anything below 2.7 you need to a least upgrade to 2.7.  With that said please check your plug-ins before upgrading this will help you in the long run.

On the other hand WordPress 2.8 seems to be another great release from the guys/gals at wordpress.org.  They say that over 700 fixes have been made to this version.  WordPress has release a video that shows some of the improvements and I would say those improvements alone are reason to upgrade, but again wait a month and I think you well be out of hot water by then.