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Learn how to tell if someone is really following you on twitter.


Twitter the social micro-blogging site that helps you make online friends, promote your business or just have fun has a new helper service. Less friends is a cool little site that helps you find out who’s following you. When you first start using twitter it’s easy to know who follows you all you have to do is look at the number your following and the number of followers if they are close then most likely most of your friends are following what you say. As your status and friends grow on twitter it becomes very hard to keep up. In comes less friends I was a little leary at first to sign in to see if this works, but I used an account that I don’t always login to and thus not to worried about it.

WOW it really worked I was able to notice about 16 people that follow me but I was not following them. The number on my twitter page showed me following 46 people and 60 followers, that means when I’m done adding them I’ll be at about 62 i think. I would tell you it works perfect but I’m not sure the guys at Less Everthing that made this are kwel in my book. Here is a link to the Less friends blog


FREE Invites to brightkite.com 5 left, hurry…

Micro-blogging is the best here is another clone

Those of you who don’t know what brightkite is I wanted to bring it to ya. I have been a brightkite user for a while but really didn’t understand why I wanted it in my life until about a week ago. Twitter another micro-blogging platform is great for telling people what your doing in small blurbs such as going to the store, visiting the country, eating a bagel.

Where are you located is a question on my mind.

What your doing is great, but wouldn’t it be nice to give someone the exact location of where you are along with what your doing? At first thought it kind of scares you to know that in a public place such as the internet you will post where you are physically. Let me assure you everyone CAN NOT see exactly where you are, because of some safety nets that brightkite has in place. Understand that you need to read about brightkite before you just start posting locations and addresses all over the place.

Like twitter you can still post your thoughts and sayings in 140 characters, but now with location you could meet people you didn’t know. You could post your location at the Starbucks your going to and someone in the area on brightkite might be in the neighborhood and drop by. You will see how this happens, not everyone in the world knows your exact location, only the people you have marked as trusted friends. You could visit the botanical gardens while taking amazing pictures which you can post to brightkite along with the location of where the pictures were taken.

The possibility’s are endless so if your interested in brightkite please send me an email to thebtr {at} gmail {dot} com. I have 5…4 invites that I presume will go very fast.

If you have an account add me:



Twitter Badges


Everyday I learn something new on this thing they call the internet. I wanted to make a couple of tweaks to this blog by adding some graphics and badges.

Badges are used by bloggers to showcase the different social networks they are on with your screen name so others can join or follow you. I was having the hardest time trying to find some for twitter so to my trusted resource google.

While searching google I am no longer surprised at what I find or the quality of the items. I came across a website called randaclay.com which to my amazement had just posted FREE use twitter badges on April 21, 2008. Here is what they look like and a link to them.

(Please do not link directly to these images, I did not show you all of the images on my site.)


I just wanna say thank you to Randa of randaclay.com you saved me a lot of time. Cause trying to come up with a good twitter badge with my Photo Shop skills, might have taken me days. This is a nice way of getting your name out there give it away and they will come another lesson learned today.


Micro Blogging site Plurk is ready for the big show.

These days Micro Blogging sites are popping up week by week every since twitter has had their most recent meltdown. Don’t get me wrong twitter still has love in my heart, but that is fading fast with all the issues they keep having read more about that here.

To my surprise this morning around 7:30 or so I got a note from a little birdy named Peety she lives in the Netherlands, ( I follow her on twitter) she hipped me to a new Micro Blogging service called Plurk. Although the names is a bit childish in my opinion I guess twitter was the same when I first heard the name. Plurk explains why that name and gives a pretty good answer about it here.

Plurk as they say on the website is:

“A really snazzy site that allows you to showcase the events that make up your life and follow event of the people that matter to you.”

They have posted a nice FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) page here. Also if you want to understand Plurk more they have a Plurk rule book. I commend Plurk for these two links because sometimes we don’t get that from websites, to me it shows they want to interact and help the users unlike some sites.

I’m currently giving Plurk a chance, you can add me here or join through this link to automatically friend me. I don’t get paid for this write up so be assured I’m not going to become a millionaire over night this time…

Plurk is not the first.

I want to make sure you guys/gals know there are others in the Micro Blogging world such as Jaiku, Pownce, twitter, and now Plurk. Please understand that each one is a little different but they all share common interest Micro Blogging. I have and account on each site, but I gotta say Plurk has come a long at a wonderful time. Twitter has been on meltdown over the past couple of months people are gathering the pitch forks, Molotov cocktails and ready for a riot over the unstable service that twitter has been so unapologetic about.

Why all the hype now?

It seems the popularity over the weekend for plurk came when Leo Laporte mentioned him I would guess on his radio show, along with others such as Scobleizer and Tech Crunch. This put a lot of demand on Plurk, but they say that they are ready for the challenge lets just hope they can live up to that statement. I see a great place for Plurk in the market place let see how they run this ship.


Why my fascination with twitter?

It seems that lately I have written more stories about twitter then my normal technical subjects. As I noticed this I had to ask myself why have I been so eager to blog about twitter. Could it be the fact that it’s slow, or the fact that it’s rated the worst social site for downtime by pingdom. I think all of this came about because I really LIKE…No shall I say…LOVE twitter. We have been dating since November 2007 and it seems as of late we have a kind of love hate relationship.

Twitter has been a productivity killer since my first post, it really went down hill when I expressed my LOVE for her. There were days where all I did was twitter in to the hours of the night, knowing damn well I would miss her until the next morning. My twitter love goes deep I have caught myself waking up at 3AM just to pick up my crackberry (blackberry) and check whats going on through my installed crackberry application twitterberry. I love her never mind that I have taken away from my daily activities at times OH how I have taken away.

I even had a twitter romance dubbed twittermance, don’t worry the domain is mine and your never gonna get it. With this love hate relationship I have noticed that there have been times where I hate her or just wished her gone. Like the time I deleted my account thinking I could just put her down like a smoker quits cold turkey. That little stunt backfired and with in 24 hours I added my account back (it took longer and I had to get the twitter folk involved but after a week my account was back up Yea!)

For now I just wanted to tell Twitter that I still LOVE her and hope she is doing OK, even tho we don’t talk everyday anymore.

Stay tuned