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Day 3 Marie Brown – 28 days of Black History in Technology

Do you have a home security system? Better yet do you have a home video suvallance system?  While the home security system is a very common item in most homes today, Marie Brown managed to do something no one had done before.

In 1966 she filed a patent for a closed-circuit television security system.  The patent was way a head of it’s time, it included 4 peep holes in the front door of a home.  A camera could slide up and down to look out each hole and that would be wirelessly beamed to a televison so the person inside could know who was at the door.  The person looking at the video could then unlatch the door by remote control.

Marie Van Brittan Brown was born October 30, 1922, she died on February 2, 1999 at the age of 76.  Mrs. Brown along with her husband Albert Brown also filed for other patents.

Patent #3,482,037 Filed August 1, 1966 Issued December 1969.

Below is the PDF of the patent with drawings, and explanation of this invention, please take a look at the drawings they are amazing.

Home Security System Utilizing Televison Surveillance