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Hotmail users have their passwords leaked for being dumb enough to use hotmail as a main email account


Password Leak

As many of you may have heard about the Hotmail Password leak that occurred early this week.  The administrator of Pastebin.com has written a sweet and simple blog post.  He has removed the names and email addresses, but as a last effort to tell the community how to fix this issue he says

please don’t ask if your name was on the list. I have no way of knowing. Just change your password.

Sounds simple but as the administrator those of us who are admins know the truth.  If your the admin of a domain or a site, your “GOD” meaning you can see everything and anything you want.  At larger companies they take many precautions to ensure that only 1 person really has the full access to the system, but regulations are in place to police that person in the system.  Remember when things like this happen, just change your password and move on, don’t worry about it any more than that.

P.S. Any system can be cracked no matter how good a password you have but I would upgrade to a different email system be it Google, Yahoo, or your own domain email.


Download Wednesday – SuperGenPass

How many passwords do you enter on a daily basis? If you answered more than 4 you need SuperGenPass. SuperGenPass is a password generator but not in the normal sense. Normally with password generators you have to install a program. That puts another software program on your computer and that takes up precious system resources. Installing a program means when you want to use it you have to find the program, start the program, and use the program that’s time consuming.

SuperGenPass allows you to remember just one password (your “master password”), which is used to generate unique, complex passwords for the Web sites you visit.

The great thing about SuperGenPass is you don’t install any software on your computer. Remember when I reviewed Password safe & Any Password here each one of those programs had to be installed on your computer.

SuperGenPass uses MD5, a one-way hash algorithm, which means that no one can determine your master password from your generated passwords.

As we know the biggest problem on the internet now days is keeping up with every single new site we join and keeping up with that password. You could do what most people do and that is to create one to two password that you use all over the internet. In other words you use that for your email, bank account, and even your computer logon password.

Nothing is ever transmitted by SuperGenPass, and your passwords are not stored anywhere.

We all know this is not the smartest thing to do, you see if a hacker gets a hold of just one password, they could potentially have access to your whole internet life. Trying to keep up with all the different passwords is the issue here and SuperGenPass lets you use one Master Password and that generates the passwords for each site.

Don’t worry SuperGenPass does not save passwords to your computer it’s a bookmark that you save to your browser.

See the video I created to show you how this works:

More about how it works

Link to SuperGenPass Website



Keep track of those passwords instead of writing it down all the time.

With all the passwords in your life from your home computer to your work computer to your email passwords. You could have any where from 3 passwords to 10 passwords or many more. While one password for all those systems can work for you. The problem with that is the fact that once a crook has figured out your password they now have access to your entire online life.

In the past I have talked at length about how important it is to have secure passwords. Well with programs such as Password Safe and Any Password. You have the capability to save your passwords and related information in on place which makes it easy to retrieve this at anytime.

There are many more programs to do this with, but I wanted to talk about those that I have personally used before.

Password safe is released under open source and free software

When installing Password Safe you have a choice to install 2 ways:

  • Regular (uses registry, suitable for home or single computer)
  • Green (for disk-on-key; does not use host registry pen or usb drives)
    • Oh you can purchase a copy of the U3 Version which installs on your U3 USB drive learn more about U3 here.

The database is kept with the extension of (.psafe3)

You can create new passwords enter notes, URL information and keep a copy of the last 255 password changes. Also you can tell the system when the password has to be changed by a specific date or number of days. The encryption that Password Safe uses is Two Fish which is considered very secure.

Any Password has two versions of the program you can download for your computer one is the free version which works great but with limited capabilities and Any Password Pro which has some expanded capabilities. Any Password is not vista ready in the current version, but they say that is coming soon for the free version beside Any Password Pro is Vista ready at this time. Pocket Any Password version is free and available for Pocket PC 3.0 (2002) or higher running on ARM, MIPS, or SH3 processors. All passwords are protected by the RC2/MD5 encryption algorithms.

  • The install options don’t let you choose to install on any removable media such as pen or usb drives.

The database is kept with the extention of (.apw)

With the addition of Any Password Pro you get these added features:

* ability to store files
* expired password notification
* sending password or other information automatically to other applications
* database synchronization
* data file compression
* ability to run from removable devices
* and more…

Which ever program you choose to install just remember what happens if your computer gets stolen or your hard drive goes bad. You could potentially loose all the passwords to your systems. This is why I tell people to email a copy of the database to your online email account such as hotmail, yahoo, or gmail. That way you can reinstall the program later in time.

Any password is capable of doing what you want but my 2 minute review says that Password Safe has more capabilities. I would suggest you download the both of them and make a choice for your self but I do think that you get more with the Password Safe which is 100% free all the time.

Any Password Download

Password Safe Download

Password Safe U3 Version Download


These days we need secure and strong passwords.

passwordAs a Network Administrator there are times when I have to setup passwords for people. This could be the first password for a new employee or it could be a password reset. It used to take along time to setup these passwords, cause I would have to think up a password at times I would make a complex password and then other times out of time I would choose a very simple password. The problem with simple is if the person never decides to change the password to something complex it creates a possible security risk. Your network could be compromised. A simple password cracker could be used to break the password and then let anyone with bad intentions enter your network easily.

So one day I was looking for a way to create a complex password and I googled for a program and came across Secure Password Generator it’s created by PC Tools Software. The program is very simple it helps you create secure complex passwords. You can do this in two ways one is online on the site, or you can download the freeware application. The online version can create a password using SSL connections which are very secure so that prying eyes can not sniff your connection to steal the password.

You can create passwords from 4 characters to 64 characters, the longer the password the harder it is to break. If your creating a password for someone to use the longer the password the more motivation for the person to change it to something they can remember.

If you do download the application you get included a password checker which makes sure the password you choose is a secure one. Also a added bonus of the download version is the password revealer. Have you ever put a password in Internet Explorer so that when you revisit that site it will remember you? What happends if you forgot that password there is no way to find out what it was, well with password revealer it works with Internet Explorer to reveal saved password that you have entered in web-forms but may have subsequently forgotten or lost. So go ahead download the program or use the online version either way you should be satisfied.