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Intel changes pace during this down economy and pays 7.68 Billion for McAfee

If you didn’t know by now McAfee one of the premier leaders in Antivirus, Encryption, Firewall and other web centric solutions has just been acquired by Intel Corp for an estimated 7.68 Billion dollars in CA$H.  Right off the bat it leads me to believe two things here 1.) Intel is looking for a better bottom line, and an acquisition will take care of low cash amounts very quickly. and 2.) McAfee my have been about to go bye, bye, leading us to believe that without the acquisition McAfee’s old style mentality my have been spit into pieces.

Which ever reason I’m truly not sure but this does something for consumers right away.  For those who have purchased McAfee it ensures a long life that your products will continue to work, and support will continue.  One thing we know about Intel they always seem to make things work, they hire the best, and work you to death or so I’ve heard.
While the ink is still just drying we are all going to benefit from this purchase, especially if you use McAfee or maybe your looking to use it either way it’s worth it’s weight in GOLD about 7.68 Billion worth.