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nana boo boo iphone users can’t cut, copy or paste…

iphone failWhile I love technology I decided when the iphone came out not to even think about spending that kind of money to be what I called a “BETA tester”. If you were one of the lucky ones who was able to plop down the money then great for you, but I gotta ask how does it feel to pay Apple to test the iphone?

Fast Forward to last weeks introduction of the 3G iphone cost lower, but not really it’s hidden. Now I will not call the new iphone users “BETA testers” but I will say I envy you all and wish I could buy one but that’s a whole nother story.

Now to the problem yesterday I sent a co-worker here who has a new 3G iphone the corporate wifi key he wanted to connect with his new iphone. This wifi has the longest wireless key I have ever created about 63 characters and symbols long. Today I get an email from the users saying the key is wrong. I advised him it’s not wrong and if he paste and copy correctly he will then be able to use said wifi.

This is when I got the shocker…. he said he can’t copy and paste with the iphone. I was like WTF you got to be kidding me dude that’s some Bullshit. So I took a stroll down to his desk to see what the hell is wrong with this guy and I was about to caulk this up as another person with money that does not know how to use technology.

But to my surprise when I got there he was right I tried everything in the world to get this thing to copy and paste, well in the end it did not work. I guess this does not work because of the interface they use to make the screen touchable. To me I think they could have figured out a way to do it, but whateva.

While looking up how to cut and paste on the iphone I came across this video which shows you how this could work if they figured out a way to do it at Apple.

iPhone Copy and Paste from lonelysandwich on Vimeo.

I guess when you pay all that money they have to figure out a way to keep you pissed off waiting for the next update release in hopes of new features.

You would think that something so simple would already be built into the iphone, oh well.

Just for shits and giggles lets assume your out somewhere ladies and you see a hot guy with an iphone, tell him if he can cut, copy, and paste on his iphone you will go home with him no questions asked and do all the things he likes… Then when he has racked his brain and figured out he can’t do it say, I’m going over to the guy with the blackberry curve cause he can cut, copy and paste…

Disclaimer one day they will figure it out and when they do, don’t blame me if you didn’t get the memo and your still using the above joke, the joke will be on you, or maybe not…