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Facebook once again becomes the home of hackers and criminals, be careful out there.

panicSo it seems once again we are back to the hackers being smarter than the designers. According to recent reports Facebook the popular social site has been infected again with hackers trying and succeeding in stealing your profile password. The worm gets people to click on a bogus adobe plugin that installs a Trojan Horse that allows the hackers to take over your facebook profile and send notices to everyone one on your list so it keeps happening over and over.

TrendMicro has documented the the new strain here.

The key here is to remember the hackers have gotten very good and tricking people into clicking on things and if you really want to be secure just don’t click on links from anyone for a while. This will help but just like a car, if the theifs really want your car they will get it no matter what.

Be careful out there.