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Mashable Tweets a Story that will Gain Traction but looks like Paid Ad to ME

followformation-logoMashable ran a blog post today called Followformation: Quickly Follow Dozens of Categorized Twitter Users.  The problem with the story in my opinion is it looks like someone at Mashable or someone with close ties to Mashable created this BS service. I mean when you goto the twitter site it shows only 130 friends, and 19 updates. The service was started by

It’s not even a well tested services, so what gives Mashable the thought to post about story about it.  I know they report Social Media stuff but damn some things just look weird now days.  It seems everyone is posting links for people in their twitter streams, and they don’t always say “PAID AD”.  You be the judge but there are many services that I don’t have to sign up for to get the same kind of information.

This story is just bland in my Opinion.


Bing, doing well because of one reason

166px-bing_logosvgI ran across a story just a while ago from Mashable: Bing Now Bigger Than Digg, Twitter and CNN.  People seem to wanna give it’s props for being a initial success.  Well from the statistics it seems that’s true, but tell me what is the major reason they are getting all this traction?  I have used a couple of times but it’s nothing special, it’s just a new search engine.  Microsoft finally got it right don’t try to build off the old search system build a whole new search system.  That is part of the success, but the truth Bing is successful for one reason and one TRUE reason alone ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS.  That is the advertising budget that has been alocated for the serach engine.  Tell me who can’t succeed with that kind of money at their disposal.  Now take that to the bank, IMO the jury is still out on bing.  Lets see how much traction they keep after the money is gone.  You can call me a hater or fill in the _________, but you know how things go with Microsoft they copy successful companies instead of innovate as they claim.

Please leave me your comments about and what you think.


WordPress 2.8 has been released, but I would caution you from upgrading right away.

wordpress-logo-hoz-rgbWordPress hands down might be the best blogging platform around, but with so many changes so quickly do you really need to upgrade today?  I always say when it comes to upgrades on blogs or on standard Operating systems, unless the update is a critical patch don’t upgrade immediately.  Most of the time you find that if you don’t need to upgrade then take your time and let the experts do all the break fix testing.

New WordPress 2.8 Blog Post

Give the community time to download and install especially those who are new to blogging and WordPress.  I would say give it about a month before going for the upgrade and if there are plug-ins that you use check out the developers site to see if they have checked that it works or is having issues before you upgrade.  WordPress is at version 2.8 which means in my opinion if your at anything below 2.7 you need to a least upgrade to 2.7.  With that said please check your plug-ins before upgrading this will help you in the long run.

On the other hand WordPress 2.8 seems to be another great release from the guys/gals at  They say that over 700 fixes have been made to this version.  WordPress has release a video that shows some of the improvements and I would say those improvements alone are reason to upgrade, but again wait a month and I think you well be out of hot water by then.



Spammers taking twitter newbies to the junk mail folder.



Looking over my friendfeed today I came across a post from Lockergnome that simply said “Spammers Harvesting Sorrow From Twitter“.
The post talks about how spammers could be harvesting email addresses
directly from your own steam on twitter.  Lockergnome referenced the
article from ZDNet “Spammers harvesting emails from Twitter – in real time
And while the article talks about a script that can be run to harvest
the emails in real time, we further get a understanding of the Twitter
TOS (Terms of Service).

You are solely responsible for your conduct and any data, text, information, screen names, graphics, photos, profiles, audio and video clips, links (“Content”) that you submit, post, and display on the service.

– meaning your on your own if you tweet something you didn’t like

After reading the ZDNet article I decided to do my own test with tweetgrid.  If you do a little bit of search for things such as “email me at” you can see all kinds of addresses.  A sample search on using OR OR “email me at” Weather these email addresses are valid or not is a whole other story but look at the image below.

example of some tweets with email addresses listed

Savvy internet users who have their own domains know you can create a temporary address such as  Send that out as a tweet and then after they are done, delete that address.  Situation solved and over in my opinion.  Although for people just coming to twitter and the internet for that matter a little help with this is understandable.  Some people were posting in comments on those blogs that “Well your stupid if you tweet your address.”  While I understand why they say that, most people forget we all come to the internet with limited skills and over time we understand more and more.

Just know this email harvesting is not new, but with twitter gaining warp speed traction in some of our everyday lives we are opening up to those who want to do harm with the info we tweet, always be cautious.


Worm hits twitter again, smallaa tries to help you out, and dasher project is a win win.

((Video attached))

Over the weekend twitter was exposed to what they dubbed the “Stalkdaily worm.”  I got wind of this worm as a tweet from one of my followers on twitter then I followed up and found the article also twitter talked about it on their blog this weekend.

Next I talked about Smallaa which is a new site that was launched by CEO Tim Lai here is how they describe the service at

Smallaa helps you bring relevancy to your social interactions by enabling you to follow the most interesting aspects of your friends. The feeds in your multiple social networking sites are combined at Smallaa. Everything you post at Smallaa will automatically goes to those websites. When you and your friends post to different topic of interests, you get to pick and follow what really interests you from them. Friends will in turn want to post more things about your interests.

Last but not least I talk about the Dasher Project this is one of the coolest things I have ever seen, In my opinion the applications for this project are endless, not to mention immobile, and paryalized individuals can type with limited movement using this application here is a youtube video showing how it works. At first it’s confusing, but continue to watch you will get it I swear.  If you want to test for yourself make sure you go to this (java applet) link it’s an awesome product.

Comments are appreciated, enjoy