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December Hiatus

Wooden Figure Thinking

I have been thinking for a while about keeping this blog going, and for the moment the appeal is just not there.  I could say that talking about technology is getting…shall I say boring and uneventful.  Personally I have been reading more and more, and since I have gotten rid of cable I have also tried to stay away from the computer more and more.  Reading was never a passion of mine, but lately I’ve read some really good books.  I guess I’m just taking a little bit of time to look inside and figure out what direction I’m going.

I hope to see you on the other side in 2010.

Happy Holidays

Jayson Flint

I just need to concentrate and my itunes is irritating me.

MusicI use itunes to purchase new music and to import my old cds on occasion. Well lately I have been wanting to concentrate on things at my computer weather its surfing the internet, blogging, or writing technical documents at work. Today I was sitting around and decided to look up white noise which is sort of noise canceling music. In itunes there are many tracks to choose from I will say that I never thought in a million years that I would purchase something like this but I did. In fact I purchased a track called “brown noise”. There were two versions one runs for 60 minutes and the other runs for 4 minutes. I started the track and then started to blog but noticed that at the end of the track the sound would always fade just enough to notice and throw my concentration off right before the track would repeat. I then decided to look around and saw a post from someone on how to stop this annoying thing from happening. Making this change to the track in itunes lets you loop the track to keep the brown noise playing for hours on end.

Here is where I share with you how to:

  1. Right click the track, and click “get info”
  2. Click options
  3. If the track is showing for example 4:00 minutes in the stop time area and you notice the fade out starts at oh lets say 3:55 minutes change the time of the track in this window to 3:30 minutes. You could change it to 3:54 but that might be to close to the end and you might get some of the fade out.
  4. Now set the track to loop by choosing to repeat the track and there you have it. Not only will it loop for hours on end but you also only paid $.99 for the short track instead of the $9.99 for the 60 minute version.

TBTR has helped save you $9.00 that could go towards a starbucks chi tea or soon a full gallon of gas.


I’ve got alot on my plate…

Right now I’ve got a lot on my plate and I’m really hoping to get back on the internet soon at home. But every time I think it’s gonna happen it does not so I’m stuck without internet at home still. It’s a pathetic case for sure, what can I say it’s my own doing.

Lesson will bill comes…pay it…

I’ll catch up with ya later.


I’m sorry for no shows this week… I made a boo boo

I have to confess that this week My DSL has been down because of none payment.  I guess this is what you call real life, financially I ran into some real issues this past week, and could not pay to keep the DSL up.  This is totally my fault and I apologize to everyone who reads this blog and also looks forward to the show on Monday & Wednesday nights.

So with that being said next week I will resume my show, I think I have found a work around,  and no I’m going to steal the neighbors WiFi access.

Send any questions or suggestions for show titles to me at thebtr [at] gmail [dot] com