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5 Things you can do with your old wifi wireless router.

It probably wasn’t too long ago that you purchased your own wifi router to attach to your internet device from your internet provider. Electronics only last so long, and the day always comes that your new $100 router, will be used as a paper weight. The question becomes what do you do with that old wireless router. Here are 5 ideas on what to do with your old wifi wireless router.

#1 Guest Connection

Turn your old router into a guest connection. This means when you purchase a new wifi router, you will turn this old unit into a wifi only for your guest. This can help in separating your communications from those who visit with machines that may or may not be virus protected.

#2 Closed Network

Use your old wifi network as a spot connection, total isolation of network packets. You could place all your streaming services on this network, helping to illiminate lag and ensure consistent speed of those services.

Looking for a Router try: Netgear R6700-100NAS Nighthawk Click here

#3 Firmware update

Install a new more robust firmware on your router such as tomato or dd-wrt just to name a few. These firmware updates would replace the underlining software that runs your home network. This could add more capabilities to your network such as Qos, VLAN, Wifi repeater, VPN, and more.

#4 Sell your device

If you don’t want to even deal with all the head aches of flashing firmware or setting up other networks, think about selling your device on Many people are interested in the older technologies because of the external antennas, and the fore mention firmware flash. If you have time put your device online for sale, if you research you can get a good penny back from an otherwise depreciating device.

#5 Hotspot

Turn your wifi into a free wifi solution that could make you money, with updates you could choose to turn your wifi into a free wifi hotspot. This would allow you to let people connect to your wifi, for a fee, and while your thinking I couldn’t do this. Image an appartment building covering many floors if your signal is good enough you could make a small amount on a monthly basis.


All these alternatives are available the next time you look in your closet and find your old router siting on the shelf collecting dust think, you could be selling it or using it to your advantage. You make the choice it’s up to you.


New Video of Blackberry Playbook

If you haven’t heard Blackberry has a new Tablet coming to market it’s called the Playbook, a press release was sent out back on September 27, 2010 here.  While we won’t really know what to expect we can say this, apple and samsung will have some competition in the tablet market very soon.  Here are youtube videos of the Playbook in use with a nice comparison of the Playbook and iPad.

The videos looks awesome, let us know what you think about this device and what potential it has for personal or business use.


Not to be one up by apple, amazon introduces a new Kindle

Kindle image with New Your Times and Coffee

The New Kindle

Yesterday announced they are about to release a new Kindle which is smaller, lighter, and faster.  Since Amazon introduced the Kindle it’s taking on a life of it’s own, for a device that I previously though would not be around.  Amazon has figured out the right way to market this device to those in need and they love the product hands down.

Amazon has two new models both come with a 6′ display, both have wifi, but one will feature a 3G connection that has no contracts with no additional cost.  Don’t get your hopes up to high this device will not let you surf the web like the iPad, but I would say thats probably coming along soon for Amazon. *wish list*

Kindle Wi-Fi $139 Click here to view

Kindle 3G $189 Click here to view

While I can see the uses for this new Kindle I have never been able to bring my self to pay the high cost of the other older 1st generation units $300+, but the new lower cost and the additional improvements make this a possible 2010 Christmas Gift to myself. 🙂



Don’t trash your old pen drive

Over the last few years the cost of storage devices has come down to rock bottom pricing.  Remember when 20GB Hard drives cost hundreds of dollars?  I even remember the days when a 256MB portable pen drive cost about $49.95.  While I always thought that was way to expensive I didn’t buy at those prices.  One thing for sure with the cost driven down so low , most of us who used pen drives just went out and bought a portable 2.5 or 3.5 hard drive giving you gigs and gigs of space to place your movies, music, and DVD backups.  So now what do you do with those old pen drives that are just piling up on your desk like dust bunnies?

Portable apps has a solution for you, imagine you decided to visit a friend and while there you want to show him or her some of your documents or pictures, usually you would need to put up some website login and produce the images you want.  With Portable apps you now have a small device that can display your images, or let you pull up your bookmarks, even check email.  All of this can be done with out leaving the normal breadcrumbs on the foreign computer system.

Portable apps is installed as software on your pen drive so that as you place that drive in any computer your able to access your email, bookmarks, passwords and much more with out issues, it’s simple and a great way to keep those drives from becoming trash.

Take some time to check out they provide tons of software on the pen drive such as Firefox (web browser), Pidgin (instant messenger), OpenOffice (Like Microsoft Office but FREE).  Other applications are able to be installed with portable apps so the site will provide more links.

Make no mistake this does not replace your computer, but what it does do is provide a easy way to give you some familiarity to any computer you step up to and insert your USB pen drive.


Comments are welcome always

Apple iPad, because I read in color.


introductions are usually blad, not at Apple

introductions are usually blad, not at Apple

Many companies over the past 2 years have been trying desperately to appease the public, and most of all their shareholders during these financial times.  One company has been moved to display a calm and really serious valor for bringing innovation in times of hardship.  That company is apple with numerous consumer items at arms length it’s only fitting that they introduce one of the most anticipated items of the year.  On January 27th Apple let the world in on a secret that only the blogs were buzzing about for months.  Apple introduced the iPad which for lack of a better word seems “perfect”.

While some people look at these kind of events with one blind eye and deaf ears, when Apple speaks it’s like the old E.F. Hutton of the 80 “people listen”.  The keynote speech is up for anyone to download, and for those interested in Apple products I would say take a look at this Keynote.  While the CEO Steve Jobs looks surprisingly well, he is very thin, when you get past his lanky stance you get to the meat and potatoes of this event “The iPad”.


Simply "Perfect!"

Simply "Perfect!"

What is it?

Apple says “It’s the best way to experience the web, email, photos, and video. Hands down.”  It’s a multi-Touch computer that enables you to do all of the above and more.  It weights just 1.5 pounds, with a 9.7 inch LED display.  Talk about beautiful products, this has to go down in history as just plan ass cool.  So many people have said that the iPad just looks like and over sized iTouch.  I will say it does have some cool features that allow you to surf the web, respond to emails, watch videos, and by all means even create & edit documents and presentations using iWork.  You get productivity in a small package that can make your life easier while traveling, having a client meeting, or just plain old surfing the web.


What does it do?

Well I think every person using a iPad will have an opportunity to decide how this question is solved.  We know you can surf the internet using safari no doubt (the build in browser in all apple products).  We also know the iPad has the capability to provide email in a small package, while so many of us are tied to our desk to read, and respond to email the iPad gives you a chance to come out of your email comfort zone.  Think about those photos that you have on your computer, say you want to organize them.  You can do that and more with the iPad, it gives you a chance to edit, move, and also watch some amazing slide shows right from the iPad.  It’s helps ease your access to pictures that you would normally have to display on a laptop.  No more, you now get a chance to show the best slide shows of your summer vacation at any time to anyone.  Think about, if your a photographer, and you want to show people more about photography and how you seem to capture the moment.  It’s all right here on the iPad.  We could talk about how well the device is tied to all the music you already own in iTunes, or the more than 140,000 apps in the iTunes app stores,  no need to buy your apps all over again, they work already out of the box on the iPad

Last, but not least the iPad has something very new to the Apple Store, iBooks.  Steve Jobs showed how effortlessly the iPad is able to display your books to be used as an e-book reader.  With a battery life of about 10 hours you could read most of a great novel during a trip overseas.  While there are other e-book readers out there, I don’t think you will find one that does so much more than just read books.  Lets be honest other e-readers only display in monochrome, but don’t we read in color?


Why should I want one?

I could sit hear and think of numerous reason why the iPad would be a great purchase, weather your a mac or windows fan.  Take these notes with you How much does it weigh? 1.5 pounds.  Can I surf the internet? Yes Am I able to listen to my music? Yes Do I get a chance to slow a slide presentation with out taking 10 minutes of messing around with the VGA cables and trying to get my laptop to display on the projector? Yes Do I get more precise use of Google Maps? Yes Notes and Contacts are included.  Honestly what more can you ask for in such a small package.  While netbooks have been making great strides, you need to understand the value of this new product.  I will never say that something fits all, I think its possible that Apple has created a product that’s not only pleasing to the eye but pleasing to the pocket book.

Take some time to get to know the iPad here at the Apple site, also everybody will have an opinion it’s not right for every occasion, but it’s damn close.  Congratulations Apple for being the true innovator we always knew you were, keep up the good work.