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Worm hits twitter again, smallaa tries to help you out, and dasher project is a win win.

((Video attached))

Over the weekend twitter was exposed to what they dubbed the “Stalkdaily worm.”  I got wind of this worm as a tweet from one of my followers on twitter then I followed up and found the article also twitter talked about it on their blog this weekend.

Next I talked about Smallaa which is a new site that was launched by CEO Tim Lai here is how they describe the service at

Smallaa helps you bring relevancy to your social interactions by enabling you to follow the most interesting aspects of your friends. The feeds in your multiple social networking sites are combined at Smallaa. Everything you post at Smallaa will automatically goes to those websites. When you and your friends post to different topic of interests, you get to pick and follow what really interests you from them. Friends will in turn want to post more things about your interests.

Last but not least I talk about the Dasher Project this is one of the coolest things I have ever seen, In my opinion the applications for this project are endless, not to mention immobile, and paryalized individuals can type with limited movement using this application here is a youtube video showing how it works. At first it’s confusing, but continue to watch you will get it I swear.  If you want to test for yourself make sure you go to this (java applet) link it’s an awesome product.

Comments are appreciated, enjoy


SocialTreehouse wants you to say is it “Hot or Not” new social site.’s always exciting to find new things in the social realm but Social Treehouse seems to be a dud.  Ok here’s the deal I get the concept, but the UI is dismal at best.  It seems someone needs to redesign the UI before I will take this concept seriously. is a unique website that brings people together to share videos about events and activities nationwide. People are encouraged to find fun events based on fellow user event reviews and of course by sharing their own view of the event afterwards.

This is one of those site’s built as a “If we build it they will come concept” but you have to have a better UI before the masses will come IMHO.

The concept of SocialTreehouse is kind of cool but it’s needs more work in my opinion, take it for a test drive and tell me what you think?


iGoogle theme’s just took visualization to another level.

This morning I got wind that Google has worked on giving us loyal users new themes in a blog post called“iGoogle’s got game… themes!”.  It seems they have taken this to another level giving us gamers enough themes to last weeks maybe even months.  As a kid I loved the old arcade games just like the author of the blog post from Google.  I too spent many a weekend in the local arcade at South Dekalb Mall in Georgia.  With the edition of these new themes you can enjoy some of the games you loved as a child and as a grown up.

iGoogle now has graphics from all sorts of games that I know will excite my fellow gamers. Picture your homepage with “Burnout” cars zooming in the background, Ryu from “Street Fighter” blasting hadoukens across your page, or rock stars jamming out to tunes from “Guitar Hero.” It doesn’t end there. For those of you who used to dream about completing the Triforce or getting out of tombs alive, choose from “Zelda” or “Tomb Raider.” Want more? Try “Dungeons & Dragons,” “The Sims 3,” or “World of Warcraft” on for size.

The new themes are located here or you can choose a setting that uses a random theme daily at game theme of the day.


What I learned from WayneSutton at SXSW

So I’m at the South By Southwest conference and last night as I was still nursing my stomach in bed my room mates came home and in the middle of a conversation.  The talk turned about how so many people are at SXSW but lacking power, everyone is always charging a device but it seems like it’s all the iphone or apple users for the most part.

I just got a message from a twitter friend @waynesutton they launch the site which they just talked about last night  Sometimes an idea is birthed and formed in the blink of an eye.  Hanging out with George G. Smith Jr.  – @georgegsmithjr Kipp Bodnar – @kbodnar32 Jason Keath – @jakrose Brian Cary – @briancary
Wayne Sutton  – @waynesutton and others I’ve learned something.

Dont’ talk about it Just do it, otherwise what are you doing???

Thanks guys yall are awesome

Google’s Gmail Videochat is ready for primetime.

Since the early days of IM (instant messaging) people have been looking for ways to connect better online.  I mean connect with something other than typing LMAO (Laughing my ass off) or LOL (Laugh out loud) these are short acronyms we use when chatting online.  They have been around since the early days and now instead of typing those letters we can now actually laugh, talk, and hide on Video Cam.

Voice and video in Gmail only works with the newer version of Gmail in supported browsers: FF 2.0+, IE 6.0+, Safari 3.0+, and Google Chrome.

Google has release a download plug-in that lets you use your Voice and Video with GMail.  I had the joy of testing it today with some of my twitter friends.  Once the download is done it makes you close your browser then it reopens and now lets you connect your voice and video.  While there are other services out there that let you do this with minimal cost Gmail lets you do this for FREE.  Yes understand that this happens only with Gmail and your browser, you can not tie this to your Gtalk application.  This confused me at first because I downloaded the plug-in and then tried to use it with Gtalk.  So remember this it will help you save about 15 minutes of troubleshooting, why it’s not working.

Google as usual gives you alot of information at the following link

Something that I didn’t expect was the 30% off Logitech webcams on the link above this alone is a better saving than any where on the net at this time, also FREE Shipping please use the link on the Gmail/videochat site for the discount.  This is in place until November 30th, 2008 so order soon.

Have fun with the product, you know I did.