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5 Things you can do with your old wifi wireless router.

It probably wasn’t too long ago that you purchased your own wifi router to attach to your internet device from your internet provider. Electronics only last so long, and the day always comes that your new $100 router, will be used as a paper weight. The question becomes what do you do with that old wireless router. Here are 5 ideas on what to do with your old wifi wireless router.

#1 Guest Connection

Turn your old router into a guest connection. This means when you purchase a new wifi router, you will turn this old unit into a wifi only for your guest. This can help in separating your communications from those who visit with machines that may or may not be virus protected.

#2 Closed Network

Use your old wifi network as a spot connection, total isolation of network packets. You could place all your streaming services on this network, helping to illiminate lag and ensure consistent speed of those services.

Looking for a Router try: Netgear R6700-100NAS Nighthawk Click here

#3 Firmware update

Install a new more robust firmware on your router such as tomato or dd-wrt just to name a few. These firmware updates would replace the underlining software that runs your home network. This could add more capabilities to your network such as Qos, VLAN, Wifi repeater, VPN, and more.

#4 Sell your device

If you don’t want to even deal with all the head aches of flashing firmware or setting up other networks, think about selling your device on Many people are interested in the older technologies because of the external antennas, and the fore mention firmware flash. If you have time put your device online for sale, if you research you can get a good penny back from an otherwise depreciating device.

#5 Hotspot

Turn your wifi into a free wifi solution that could make you money, with updates you could choose to turn your wifi into a free wifi hotspot. This would allow you to let people connect to your wifi, for a fee, and while your thinking I couldn’t do this. Image an appartment building covering many floors if your signal is good enough you could make a small amount on a monthly basis.


All these alternatives are available the next time you look in your closet and find your old router siting on the shelf collecting dust think, you could be selling it or using it to your advantage. You make the choice it’s up to you.


December Hiatus

Wooden Figure Thinking

I have been thinking for a while about keeping this blog going, and for the moment the appeal is just not there.  I could say that talking about technology is getting…shall I say boring and uneventful.  Personally I have been reading more and more, and since I have gotten rid of cable I have also tried to stay away from the computer more and more.  Reading was never a passion of mine, but lately I’ve read some really good books.  I guess I’m just taking a little bit of time to look inside and figure out what direction I’m going.

I hope to see you on the other side in 2010.

Happy Holidays

Jayson Flint

Protect and store your data online with Dropbox, it’s so easy.

The cost of computers has come down so much so that now days a lot of people have more than one computer in their home.  Some have a desktop computer for the kids, while others have the desktop for gaming, and a laptop for mobile, or job work.  What ever the situation lets face it, the more computers you bring into the home, the more data i.e files, music etc that is spawned all over your multiple computers.

To fix this issue of data everywhere, you could create a home network, but unless you have the money that option is just not feasible.  On the other hand you could use a large USB thumb drive to keep your most precious files with you at all time, but lets face it.  If you lose the thumb drive, you also loose all your data, with personal and confidential files included for who ever finds it to see.

Dropbox is here to help you with trying to keep your data in one place, and on top of that it’s easy to use from a PC, Mac or Linux OS.  How about 2GB of storage space in the cloud (online) for FREE? I have personally been using Dropbox for over a year, and while I use it in different ways you may find this as a solution for you in a couple of areas:

  • Keeping your iTunes music files synced in one place
  • Personal documents follow you no matter what platform
  • Pictures can be located in one place on each system
  • Collaboration should be much easier since you can share the system with any number of installs
  • You never have to email files to yourself for safe keeping
  • This space could be used as a permanent backup solutions for you
  • Sharing a file on the internet is easy
  • Do you have alot of MP3 files for your podcast you wanna share, Dropbox can help with that too

Dropbox is software that syncs your files online and across your computers.

Since I can only say so many good things about Dropbox, and you won’t get it until you try it, here is a full list of the features.  Remember this is free for 2GB of space, there are pay plans and I would encourage you to purchase more space if you really need an online repository for all your data.  The files are encrypted on and over the internet so hackers can’t get into your account.  Now if you use one username and one password on the internet, then your a target for someone to hack your accounts, but thats a whole other story.

It just works,


I do remember the AT&T ads about the future.

logo_att.gifI came across a post today from the headline read “Remember The AT&T Ads About the Future? You will” This short story written by Danny Allen reminded me of one thing, Vision.  Through out the history of time we have come across people that have for one reason or another been ahead of their time.  AT&T back in 1993 was ahead of it’s time, each thought they displayed about the future has come true, but it’s not all because of AT&T.  It’s in my opinion because of some one there that had a great vision for the future and you know what they were probably called a crackpot, or lun in one or more circles.

This is why you have to just let people be who they are, technology is a place where dreamers can dream and create.  This is why I love Technology, here are the ads that we are talking about.  Everyone has vision, will you use it? or let someone defeat your vision, I pray you understand what I mean.  Enjoy this old collage of videos from AT&T 1993.

Yes Palm I “Got Opinions?”

One of my twitter friends posted on her blog “Palm Wanted To Know If I “Got Opinions?” I just happen to find this post in over 1000 RSS feeds which I should clean up, but that’s another story.  Anyways Tessa took the challenge and answered the call.

If you can tweet your opinions about Palm phones in 140 characters or less, we want to hear from you.

Palm on their blog ask the question “Got Opinions? Become a Real Reviewer (and get a new phone courtesy of Palm).  I’m super excited about this, and I’ll tell you why.

Back in 2000 I moved out to Denver Colorado, it was a time in my life when I felt I had to get away from the comforts of home (Atlanta).  While in Denver I started working for USWest wireless which later became Qwest Wireless.  I was part of a data team which was started to test, teach, and help troubleshoot phones used for data communications.

The team was great I learned a lot, one of the phones we used was the Kyocera Smartphone 6035.  As a techie you don’t know the joy I got using this phone.  It was my first introduction to a true Smartphone, and while I use a Blackberry now I would be very open to the new Palm phone.  I am the type of person that can give you accolades and in the same sentence tell you that your missing the mark.  It looks like Palm wants both sides of the coin.  That’s the kind of review that makes change and improvement possible.

So anyone who wants to become a reviewer for Palm should take the survey here.  If your selected you will be notified on May 8th good luck to us all.

It would be a pleasure and honor to be one of the choosen few.