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The best rechargeable charge base for the XBOX ONE

Nyko Charge Base XBOX ONE Controller

Recharge Base w/XBOX ONE Controller

Several years ago I  purchased my first XBOX 360, I soon learned that you burn through the normal AA batteries pretty quick if your a constant gamer.  I was tired of making midnight runs to the store for a new set of batteries I looked for a new way to keep the gaming going.  I was running around my local GameStop one day and I saw different companies who made rechargeable batteries for the XBOX Controller.

The sales person came over and we stated talking about some of the latest games and he noticed me eyeballing the NYKO charge base for the 360.  I mention how I was burring through the AA batteries and how I was looking for a solution.  His enthusiasm about the Nyko brand was awesome, he mention in the years that he had used them they were top notch and he was still relying on them.  I ask about the other brands around, that did the same thing, but he said “You get what you pay for” at that moment he had me sold.  He went on to tell me other systems that used the Nyko batteries and just like Duracell the brand quality was top of the line. I plopped my money down and went home, I got my 360 back in 2009 and the charge base quickly there after, I still use the same charge station and rechargeable batteries.  I’m now going on almost 5 years with the same batteries and I still get great gaming time.

Nyko Charge Base Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable Batteries for NYKO XBOX ONE Charge Base

I usually try to pay for quality when I buy electronics. My theory is if you buy the best now you don’t have to worry about it later.  It’s just one of those pet peeves I inherited from my father. I look back on that moment and today as I’m upgrading to the new XBOX One when I saw the Nyko charge base in my local Bestbuy I remembered back and it was the second thing I grabbed off the shelf today.

Not much more than that to report except to remember when you bring home the XBOX ONE it will have batteries, when you open the box used those batteries, but before your done gaming for the evening, remember to change out those batteries for the rechargeables and don’t forget to put the controllers on the charge base before you go to sleep.

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