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You need to reset your password, Facebook says, but is it real?

It looks like Facebook has been hit with another so called virus, which looks to steal among other things your bank passwords.  Please remember you need to make sure your not falling for the tricks of the trade we have talked about good passwords, but some of these things are very tricky.  Just remember when you log into facebook, always go directly to don’t use hyperlinks that people might send to you, or a hyperlink from an advertisement.


AJC is reporting the virus here
McAFee is also report the issue I found this story at Reuters here

Be careful of links and request that say your password has been reset


Don’t trash your old pen drive

Over the last few years the cost of storage devices has come down to rock bottom pricing.  Remember when 20GB Hard drives cost hundreds of dollars?  I even remember the days when a 256MB portable pen drive cost about $49.95.  While I always thought that was way to expensive I didn’t buy at those prices.  One thing for sure with the cost driven down so low , most of us who used pen drives just went out and bought a portable 2.5 or 3.5 hard drive giving you gigs and gigs of space to place your movies, music, and DVD backups.  So now what do you do with those old pen drives that are just piling up on your desk like dust bunnies?

Portable apps has a solution for you, imagine you decided to visit a friend and while there you want to show him or her some of your documents or pictures, usually you would need to put up some website login and produce the images you want.  With Portable apps you now have a small device that can display your images, or let you pull up your bookmarks, even check email.  All of this can be done with out leaving the normal breadcrumbs on the foreign computer system.

Portable apps is installed as software on your pen drive so that as you place that drive in any computer your able to access your email, bookmarks, passwords and much more with out issues, it’s simple and a great way to keep those drives from becoming trash.

Take some time to check out they provide tons of software on the pen drive such as Firefox (web browser), Pidgin (instant messenger), OpenOffice (Like Microsoft Office but FREE).  Other applications are able to be installed with portable apps so the site will provide more links.

Make no mistake this does not replace your computer, but what it does do is provide a easy way to give you some familiarity to any computer you step up to and insert your USB pen drive.


Comments are welcome always

Bill, you finally got it right “Windows 7 is here and ready for primetime” #windows7

Various flavorsMicrosoft and Bill Gates (The riches man in the world) should be proud and over joyed at the soon to be success of the new Windows 7 OS.  PC manufactures, along with others should be burning the midnight oil with glee knowing they have a product that we can all stand behind. According to CNNMoney article “Windows 7 ready to launchExperts expect that PC users will change their operating system for the first time in about eight years when Windows 7 launches today.

We all know someone or heard about someone that had horrific experiences with Vista.  As a network administrator I gave recommendations to my superiors about what technology we should implement, and what we should wait on.  I always stated that we should wait out the Vista movement for the next flavor, and I was 120% right from a support stand point.  Vista came along and gave us too many issues I felt like from a support stand point it would have been a true nightmare not only for me but for management as well.

Windows 7

I don’t see the issues of the past with Windows 7 I see an operating system that has been tested, tested, and tested again.  Personally back before the summer started I started using Windows 7 on a older less powerful machine.  “Wow” are the words I uttered when using Windows 7 for the first time, because I think Microsoft finally got it, the bells and whistles don’t mean a thing if the OS does not perform some of the most basic functions with ease.  I can speak from experience that Windows 7 is a great OS to use on your current system, and also on a older system that you would have normally thrown away.  Don’t listen to the clutter that’s gonna start about well you should just buy a new computer, I would presume that those Tech support places will all be saying this, but resist my friendly computer user unless your computer is a Pentium II or lower with less than 512MB.  If it’s any better than that I’m tell you Windows 7 should be an eye opener.

What about Windows XP?

Well for those of you who have used Windows XP in my opinion you will gain a better Operating System in Windows 7, and workhorse right out of the box, new features, speed, and the capability to take off where Windows XP ended are clear indications that you should go for it.  Lets just say with the introduction of Windows 7, in 6 months no one will remember that thing called Vista in my opinion.  Now if your using XP at this point and you are going to install Windows 7 your gonna have a problem upgrading.  This has always been the Microsoft policy when upgrading, if your two generations back in Operating systems, they don’t make it very easy for you to upgrade with a “One click solution” I would guess there will be many companies taking advange of this (creating software to help Windows XP users upgrade).  My best advise for anyone looking to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows7 please do yourself a favor, make a backup of your critical data, such as documents, pictures, program data for specific programs and such.  Then insert your new Windows 7 OS CD and choose to do a clean install on your computer or laptop.  Then place your data and programs on the new OS.

Windows XP all flavors (Pro, Home, Media Center, Tablet, and x64) will be unsupported in the next two years so upgrade is eminent

Don’t let the experts scare you into buying a new computer, the one thing I have noticed is that with older machines I have had great success with Windows 7.  Currently I run Windows 7 in VMWare on my MacBook Pro and it’s been working like a charm, to my credit I had to tweak some stuff, but that’s what I do.  I hope your success with Windows 7 comes soon, I will say that you will not be disappointed going from any other OS to Windows7

Chime in and tell me if you have been using Windows 7 or if you plan on upgrading to the new OS in the comments?


Hotmail users have their passwords leaked for being dumb enough to use hotmail as a main email account


Password Leak

As many of you may have heard about the Hotmail Password leak that occurred early this week.  The administrator of has written a sweet and simple blog post.  He has removed the names and email addresses, but as a last effort to tell the community how to fix this issue he says

please don’t ask if your name was on the list. I have no way of knowing. Just change your password.

Sounds simple but as the administrator those of us who are admins know the truth.  If your the admin of a domain or a site, your “GOD” meaning you can see everything and anything you want.  At larger companies they take many precautions to ensure that only 1 person really has the full access to the system, but regulations are in place to police that person in the system.  Remember when things like this happen, just change your password and move on, don’t worry about it any more than that.

P.S. Any system can be cracked no matter how good a password you have but I would upgrade to a different email system be it Google, Yahoo, or your own domain email.


Dropbox says there’s an app for that.

logoIts amazing how my brain works and what seems to be just a post out of the sky about Dropbox on Monday has now turned into a second post about Dropbox.  So you might ask yourself why would I post another story about Dropbox one reason is because Dropbox is just flat out Cool.  The other reason is because Dropbox has launch an iPhone app which can be downloaded as of now.


  • Access your Dropbox on the go
  • Download files for offline viewing
  • Sync photos and videos to your Dropbox
  • Share links to files in your Dropbox

Just as I was about to download the Dropbox App I found out that you must have Ver 3.1 installed on your iPhone or iTouch.  I was using the iTouch, so since I can’t use the App at this time if any of my iPhone toting friends can let me know what they think in the comments I would appreciate it very much.