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How to setup GMAIL with your Entourage 2008 Mac Version

If your like me and many others all over the internet, you have multiple email accounts possibly one for friends/family, one for spam mail, and another you’ve had for years.  Well wouldn’t you like to view them all in one place?

If you have Office for Mac 2008 version you can respond to and have at your finger tips one place to see all your mail from multiple sources.  I’m only talking about Office 2008 Mac, but you could be doing this with other email clients such as thunderbird.

Settings for GMAIL

First inside of your gmail account you have to let GMAIL know that you want to be able to view your mail from other sources.  In the top right corner you will see what looks like a gear next to your name, click the gear icon and you get a drop down, click on “Mail Settings”.


Once inside of Settings, click on the heading labled “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” make sure to “Enable IMAP” here is where the process gets tricky.

Gmail changed the default settings ports that IMAP is associated with,so when you set up your client make sure to use SSL authentication.

  • IMAP Server:
  • SSL:yes
  • PORT: 993


  • SMTP Server:
  • SSL: yes
  • PORT: 465 or 587

Make sure to use your full gmail address “”, then your password and things should work well.  If you still have a problem I have attached some links that helped me out.

Configuring other mail clients (gmail, google link)

Outlook 2007 mail client (gmail, google link)

Symantec has reported a new worm found on the net using email as a host.

I found this post important so I wanted to let others know about this new worm.


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TELECOMWORLDWIRE-September 10, 2010-Symantec reports rapid spread of new worm(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS

Norton, an Internet security company and a division of Symantec (NASDAQ:SYMC), reported that Symantec Security Response has, as of yesterday, been tracking the rapid spread of a new computer worm that spreads using a socially engineered e-mail attack.

The company said that the threat is being spread via e-mails that ask the recipient to click on a link embedded in the e-mail which points to a malicious program file posted on the Internet and disguised as a PDF file. Once this file downloads it installs a worm known as W32.Imsolk.B@mm.

The worm, once it has compromised a usera[euro](tm)s machine, will attempt to spread itself further by gaining access to the usera[euro](tm)s e-mail contacts and repeating the process. It can also spread to other machines connected via network shares or via removable media.

The company advises all users to ensure that they take appropriate precautions, such as isolating compromised machines, blocking access to any address contained in the e-mail and insuring that they have installed and updated appropriate security applications, such as Norton Internet Security 2011.

Norton has made further information available at

Plenty o Fish Hacked…Are you ready for cyber security 101?

Plenty o fiishHacked? What does it mean, well I guess it means something different for everyone, but if you’re a website that does 100% of it’s business on the internet, it means a lack of sleep, and a possible call to the justice department. Today I noticed a story as I logged on my computer about the dating site “Plenty o fish” they have been hacked.

Hacked usually means someone or a group of someone’s have broken the security of a website, application, or hardware device. For the latter hardware hacked it just means some one has taken the time and effort to break the code or security code of a device which now lets anyone on the device do things they shouldn’t be able to do. As such is the case with the Xbox Kinect device, which was hacked and there are sites popping up everyday to show you what joy they have in hacking this device.  I placed the search term here so you can see what people are doing with Kinect Hacked.

Although there are some good instanced of hacking there is the other side of the coin such in the case of Plenty o fish, their database was hacked and the username an passwords that people created for the site have fallen in the hands of Hackers with ill intentions. The story I came across is from thedrum a uk site that did a story on the owner of plenty o fish and the dilemma they are in. While the story is not that interesting the understanding of the hack is very interesting.

As with anything on the internet people usually come up with easy passwords when logging into and using online sites such as plenty o fish. I mean you can only use so many passwords before you start to forget them, and you’re always requesting a new password, over and over for that site you love. While I have talked about the alternatives to saving passwords, it never goes too far for me to remind you again.

Make sure when making a username and password for a site that you don’t make the password match the same password as your email account that you have tied to the website of your choice. In my opinion you’re just inviting something bad to happen to you. Imagine if that site gets hacked like plenty o fish, the hackers now have great information about you, your passwords, and email address. The only way to combat this type of hacking so that you don’t get touched is to create a different password for every site that you log onto. You can tie those passwords to one email address, so that if you forget the password, it will always send that password to your primary email address.

Another way to help combat hacking of your accounts is to create an email address that you only use for signing up with websites. This helps shield you from the potential of someone getting into your email account that you have had for many years.

With anything else you can never be 100% assured that your account won’t be compromised, but you will have the ability to lessen the problems that will be caused in your daily life if some one hacks a website you love.

Remember make complex passwords that don’t match any other passwords or accounts that you use on the internet.

Enjoy surfing the net

Oh…the story unfolds about plenty of fish hacked on their blog post


New Video of Blackberry Playbook

If you haven’t heard Blackberry has a new Tablet coming to market it’s called the Playbook, a press release was sent out back on September 27, 2010 here.  While we won’t really know what to expect we can say this, apple and samsung will have some competition in the tablet market very soon.  Here are youtube videos of the Playbook in use with a nice comparison of the Playbook and iPad.

The videos looks awesome, let us know what you think about this device and what potential it has for personal or business use.


Intel changes pace during this down economy and pays 7.68 Billion for McAfee

If you didn’t know by now McAfee one of the premier leaders in Antivirus, Encryption, Firewall and other web centric solutions has just been acquired by Intel Corp for an estimated 7.68 Billion dollars in CA$H.  Right off the bat it leads me to believe two things here 1.) Intel is looking for a better bottom line, and an acquisition will take care of low cash amounts very quickly. and 2.) McAfee my have been about to go bye, bye, leading us to believe that without the acquisition McAfee’s old style mentality my have been spit into pieces.

Which ever reason I’m truly not sure but this does something for consumers right away.  For those who have purchased McAfee it ensures a long life that your products will continue to work, and support will continue.  One thing we know about Intel they always seem to make things work, they hire the best, and work you to death or so I’ve heard.
While the ink is still just drying we are all going to benefit from this purchase, especially if you use McAfee or maybe your looking to use it either way it’s worth it’s weight in GOLD about 7.68 Billion worth.