Symantec has reported a new worm found on the net using email as a host.

I found this post important so I wanted to let others know about this new worm.


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Norton, an Internet security company and a division of Symantec (NASDAQ:SYMC), reported that Symantec Security Response has, as of yesterday, been tracking the rapid spread of a new computer worm that spreads using a socially engineered e-mail attack.

The company said that the threat is being spread via e-mails that ask the recipient to click on a link embedded in the e-mail which points to a malicious program file posted on the Internet and disguised as a PDF file. Once this file downloads it installs a worm known as W32.Imsolk.B@mm.

The worm, once it has compromised a usera[euro](tm)s machine, will attempt to spread itself further by gaining access to the usera[euro](tm)s e-mail contacts and repeating the process. It can also spread to other machines connected via network shares or via removable media.

The company advises all users to ensure that they take appropriate precautions, such as isolating compromised machines, blocking access to any address contained in the e-mail and insuring that they have installed and updated appropriate security applications, such as Norton Internet Security 2011.

Norton has made further information available at

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