Day 28 Benjamin Banneker – 28 days of Black History in Technology

Benjamin Banneker

Benjamin Banneker was born in 1731, it’s said he was born to a colonial American who was an indentured servant at one time but by the time Banneker was born he was born free, but with all things when it comes to African American’s it’s hard to trace the true origins of some people’s history.

Banneker made astronomical calculations that predicted solar and lunar eclipses.  As he understood the need for this kind of information he created an almanac ephemeris from 1792, to 1797.

Banneker's Almanac

Banneker also made a clock, as I understand it he took apart a clock that was given to him, and then created a clock made of wood that worked and chimed at the hour mark.

Later Banneker was part of a survey team that in late February 1792 was dismissed, they had failed to have have the plans published the leader Pierre Charles L’Enfant was dismissed.  The story goes that L’Enfant left with the plans he had completed, thus leaving the project up in the air, and the possibility of starting the project over again from start.

Banneker was able to draw from memory and provide the plans that were later used for the construction of the federal capital city.

So far in my research I have no knowledge that Banneker went on to college or even how far he completed high school or for that matter grade school.  We do all know this, his almanac was truly remarkable and he is a great African American Inventor.


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