Day 23 William B. Purvis – 28 days of Black History in Technology

William B. Purvis (Date of birth unknown) he was an inventor in the late 1800’s.  He was a African American inventor who decided to make a better mouse trap.  Mr. Purvis turned reality upside down when he invented what is known as the “Fountain Pen”.

Fountain Pen Patent# 419,065

I’m guessing through real ups and downs he considered the question ” Why do I always have to carry a bottle of ink with me, why can’t my writing device have ink inside of it?” Honestly the question was probably more complex but I’m just giving you a little story

On January 7, 1890 W.B. Purvis as he was also known received a patent (419,065) for the fountain pen.  Purvis said of his invention “the object of my invention is to provide a simple, durable, and inexpensive construction of a fountain pen adapted to general use and which may be carried in the pocket.”

His invention is still used today, but due to the fact that we hardly learned anything about this African American Inventor shows me why I am writing about these great individuals this month.

I came across a video created by Mt Gilead Missionary Baptist Church promoting black history education month, enjoy.


Fountain Pen Patent PDF


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  2. I just picked up my pen and now I know who had a hand in getting the patent to invent the fountain pen. I enjoyed the video with your post. Very Nice!

  3. Iam doing an project on w.b.purvis and I need some sort of date of birth on him doese anybody know his date of birth or have an guess or an clue,If i found out his date of birth that will really help me because nobody in my classroom has a date of birth on any of the people they are doing so this will be some helpful information!!!!

  4. black says:

    Not sure of his date of birth, sorry that’s a hard one to find, but you might have luck if you have access to
    Good Luck

  5. chyna says:

    i am trying to find his dob help me people

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