Day 18 Annie Easley – 28 days of Black History in Technology

Annie EasleyAnnie Easley was born April 23, 1933 she received her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Cleveland State University.  Ms. Easley worked for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Lewis Research Center and it’s predecessor agency (NACA)

Ms. Easley developed and implemented computer code used in determining solar, wind, and energy projects for NASA.  Her energy assignments have included studies to determine the life use of storage batteries, such as those used in electric utility vehicles.

Her computer applications are used to identify energy conversion systems that offer the improvement over commercially available technologies.

Ms. Easley’s work with the Centaur project helped as technological foundations for the space shuttle launches and launches of communication, military and satellites.  Her work contributed to the 1997 flight of Saturn of the Cassini probe, which was launched by Centaur.


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  1. WOW, her knowledge in the sciences and aerospace was awesome. She truly helped to bring about future space travel. Great feature today.

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