Day 9 George Edward Alcorn, Jr. – 28 days of Black History in Technology

George Edward Alcorn, Jr.

George Alcorn co-patented a Method of fabricating an imaging X-ray spectrometer. Patent #4618380 issued on October 21, 1986.  He received his four year Bachelor of Science degree from Occidental College.  Later he earned his Masters from Howard University in Nuclear Physics in 1963.  An earned his PH.D in Atomic and Molecular Physics also from Howard University.

Dr. Alcorn hold eight patents in the US and Europe on semiconductor technology his area of research includes:

  • Adaptation of chemical ionization mass spectrometers for the detection of amino acids and development of other experimental methods for planetary life detection;
  • Classified research involved with missile reeentry and missile defense;
  • Design and building of space instrumentation, atmospheric contaminant sensors, magnetic mass spectrometers, mass analyzers;
  • Development of new concepts of magnet design and the invention of a new type of x-ray spectrometer.

Dr. Alcorn spent time as a research engineer with the Space Science Division of North American Rockwell.  While there he performed computer analysis of launch trajectories and orbital mechanics involved missiles.  He worked on the Titan I and II and the Saturn IV.


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