Day 1 Ronald McNair – 28 days of Black History Technology

I can still remember the feeling I had as I watched the Space Shuttle Challenger go up into space on the morning of January 28, 1986, while I was in school.  Who would have known that 73 seconds into this launch something would go wrong.

I choose to talk about Ronald McNair as the first person in technology because of the impact it had on my life.  Take away his being named in 1978 to the NASA astronaut program he was a person of great character.

Ronald McNair was a 1967 Graduate with a BS from North Carolina A&T State University, and received his PHD from MIT in 1976.  Why he was choosen for the NASA program I’m not sure but I would guess it had something to do with his early development of chemical HF/DF and high pressure CO lasers.

I don’t think most people knew that this flight was not Dr. McNair’s first trip to space, February 3, 1984 was the first flight for him.  That mission was a success but as we all know the next flight he was associated with was not to fair so well.

I think about his work with lasers and I ask myself if his research would have continued…

Take a moment to Google Ronald McNair, after years we know many schools have been named after him, also countless buildings grace his name.

Reading about guys like this make you take a moment and address your life, where you are and where your going.


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  2. A nice blog read on this astronaut and to know his life impacted your own. You are right, there are lots of schools and places named in his honor, but we may have forgotten just the reasons why.

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