28 days of Black History in Technology

Black History Month 2011February is here and that means “Black History Month” most of us remember these days from our childhood where schools would try and give some information about the contributions that African Americans have given to history. Keeping with that theme I decided to give the world a little bit of Black History myself. I decided to blog about  28 individuals over 28 days that have contributed to Black History with a Technology core.

If you read this blog then you know how often I post… almost once every two months, and if you know me then you can see how this could be a disaster or a compelling success. I want this to be a success, and I’m going to make sure I keep going with valid information about African Americans that have contributed to Black History in some Technological way.  If you want to thank someone for giving me the bug to do this, it’s my good friend Wayne Sutton his blog is here and he created the site “28 day of diversity“.

How ever big or small I want to take a moment to give light to some old and some new individuals that are making waves in Technology or have made waves. A word of caution I’m not here to debate all that these people have done in the world right or wrong, it’s a light that I want to use to help someone or give someone information they may not have known.

So pull up a chair and take a moment to read some of these post I will be bringing to you each and every day. By all means please send comments good or bad so that we can start a dialog about these people here on TBTR.

I hope you enjoy this “28 days of Black History in Technology”


4 Responses to 28 days of Black History in Technology

  1. Wayne Sutton says:

    Awesome and great idea!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Wayne Sutton, Chris Rauschnot and SocialWayne.com Blog, Ashley Ascott. Ashley Ascott said: RT @waynesutton: Nice, @TheBTR is doing 28 days of Black History in Technology http://t.co/tKM0xOq […]

  3. black says:

    Thanks Wayne, I would have responded to you earlier, but for some reason your comment went directly into my SPAM filter, and I didn’t see till today.

    You gave me the idea, I has not been easy but I’m working on it.

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