New Video of Blackberry Playbook

If you haven’t heard Blackberry has a new Tablet coming to market it’s called the Playbook, a press release was sent out back on September 27, 2010 here. ¬†While we won’t really know what to expect we can say this, apple and samsung will have some competition in the tablet market very soon. ¬†Here are youtube videos of the Playbook in use with a nice comparison of the Playbook and iPad.

The videos looks awesome, let us know what you think about this device and what potential it has for personal or business use.


5 Responses to New Video of Blackberry Playbook

  1. It looks like Blackberry is on the move with innovative technology. The videos with your post are great and nice way to see what’s ahead.

  2. You know, the Playbook does not do it for me. I love the stabilization of the Apple App store. I have not found another smart device that has apps easily available. I also love the size of the iPad, it is not to small, not too big. I think the Playbook is too small.

  3. black says:

    I think blackberry is trying to keep up, and by creating the Playbook they are atleast saying “Don’t count us out, we have clout too” lol Thanks for the comment Cyn

  4. black says:

    First thanks for your comment That Tech Chick, second I would say Apple has one up on the competition that’s for sure, the apps have given them a two to three year jump on anyone trying to enter this market. In my opinion Apple has the lead, but with everyone now jumping in the game, this market will shake down to about 2 maybe 3 companies that will compete for the #2 and #3 spot. Oh and while Playbook is small remember some people still want to be able to place gadgets in their pockets or purse.

  5. June says:

    Nice review!

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