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Not to be one up by apple, amazon introduces a new Kindle

Kindle image with New Your Times and Coffee

The New Kindle

Yesterday announced they are about to release a new Kindle which is smaller, lighter, and faster.  Since Amazon introduced the Kindle it’s taking on a life of it’s own, for a device that I previously though would not be around.  Amazon has figured out the right way to market this device to those in need and they love the product hands down.

Amazon has two new models both come with a 6′ display, both have wifi, but one will feature a 3G connection that has no contracts with no additional cost.  Don’t get your hopes up to high this device will not let you surf the web like the iPad, but I would say thats probably coming along soon for Amazon. *wish list*

Kindle Wi-Fi $139 Click here to view

Kindle 3G $189 Click here to view

While I can see the uses for this new Kindle I have never been able to bring my self to pay the high cost of the other older 1st generation units $300+, but the new lower cost and the additional improvements make this a possible 2010 Christmas Gift to myself. 🙂