Don’t trash your old pen drive

Over the last few years the cost of storage devices has come down to rock bottom pricing.  Remember when 20GB Hard drives cost hundreds of dollars?  I even remember the days when a 256MB portable pen drive cost about $49.95.  While I always thought that was way to expensive I didn’t buy at those prices.  One thing for sure with the cost driven down so low , most of us who used pen drives just went out and bought a portable 2.5 or 3.5 hard drive giving you gigs and gigs of space to place your movies, music, and DVD backups.  So now what do you do with those old pen drives that are just piling up on your desk like dust bunnies?

Portable apps has a solution for you, imagine you decided to visit a friend and while there you want to show him or her some of your documents or pictures, usually you would need to put up some website login and produce the images you want.  With Portable apps you now have a small device that can display your images, or let you pull up your bookmarks, even check email.  All of this can be done with out leaving the normal breadcrumbs on the foreign computer system.

Portable apps is installed as software on your pen drive so that as you place that drive in any computer your able to access your email, bookmarks, passwords and much more with out issues, it’s simple and a great way to keep those drives from becoming trash.

Take some time to check out they provide tons of software on the pen drive such as Firefox (web browser), Pidgin (instant messenger), OpenOffice (Like Microsoft Office but FREE).  Other applications are able to be installed with portable apps so the site will provide more links.

Make no mistake this does not replace your computer, but what it does do is provide a easy way to give you some familiarity to any computer you step up to and insert your USB pen drive.


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  1. Cynthia says:

    Good tech read and very informational. Thanks!

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