I do remember the AT&T ads about the future.

logo_att.gifI came across a post today from Gizmodo.com the headline read “Remember The AT&T Ads About the Future? You will” This short story written by Danny Allen reminded me of one thing, Vision.  Through out the history of time we have come across people that have for one reason or another been ahead of their time.  AT&T back in 1993 was ahead of it’s time, each thought they displayed about the future has come true, but it’s not all because of AT&T.  It’s in my opinion because of some one there that had a great vision for the future and you know what they were probably called a crackpot, or lun in one or more circles.

This is why you have to just let people be who they are, technology is a place where dreamers can dream and create.  This is why I love Technology, here are the ads that we are talking about.  Everyone has vision, will you use it? or let someone defeat your vision, I pray you understand what I mean.  Enjoy this old collage of videos from AT&T 1993.

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