8 Responses to Tech News August 5, 2009 Podcast

  1. Nancy :-) says:

    Amazingly awesome sound. I Love the opening and the interludes are the bomb. And of course the topics are very informative.

  2. Fresh says:

    Great podcast, Jayson. I found your excerpt on Twitter interesting. As a user from November 21. 2006, I never found it hard to explain what Twitter was….I only said exactly what it was: A microblog to allow the user to answer one question: “What Are You Doing?”. I always (and still do) think the original idea behind Twitter is really cool, as it let’s anyone in on the regular everyday happens of a regular person.

    Your elaboration of its evolution was really good. I personally think Twitter is the best social media site (for me) because of the information push to me in areas of interest to me and resultant networking.

    I see you have a loop from Logic 8 (lead in to the Google Voice/Apple piece). I am an Apple fan boy, but love the GV app on my Blackberry Curve 8330. Speaking of which, did u see the buzz about Apple possibly going with Verizon vice AT&T in the future? I just got two Google Voice numbers.

    Good job…great stingers, informative topics


  3. Fresh says:

    PS: Love the Logic 8 loops in the podcast (can u tell I am a Logic Studio user?)

  4. black says:

    Thanks so much for the comments I really appreciate it very much.

  5. dejon97 says:

    Wow! Really good stuff. Your delivery was on point. The content was relevant and informative. You threw in some funny moments to keep it light. Overall, a job well done.

    I look forward to being a sponsor someday. 🙂 Don’t forget me when you blow up.

  6. black says:

    Thanks for the kind comments I’m glad you like it, and I was hoping people would like the funny part…lol appreciate it

  7. Cynthia says:

    Great podcast with lots of useful information. Nice, clear voice too. The interludes in between the segments is nice. The travel commercial was pretty cool. Keep it coming!

  8. J? Holloway says:

    Are you the next Mashable??? The Social Media Guide ! Your blogs has a great future, because you created a site using human need for Social Interaction with technology..Good luck and want you to see you more up there higher than a sky ..

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