Mashable Tweets a Story that will Gain Traction but looks like Paid Ad to ME

followformation-logoMashable ran a blog post today called Followformation: Quickly Follow Dozens of Categorized Twitter Users.  The problem with the story in my opinion is it looks like someone at Mashable or someone with close ties to Mashable created this BS service. I mean when you goto the twitter site it shows only 130 friends, and 19 updates. The service was started by

It’s not even a well tested services, so what gives Mashable the thought to post about story about it.  I know they report Social Media stuff but damn some things just look weird now days.  It seems everyone is posting links for people in their twitter streams, and they don’t always say “PAID AD”.  You be the judge but there are many services that I don’t have to sign up for to get the same kind of information.

This story is just bland in my Opinion.


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  1. jon says:

    Yeah really. Here’s what I posted on the Mashable thread:

    I’m with Jayson, Christine, SIGEPJEDI, and the other skeptics. The value of “Twitter’s suggested users feature on steroids” isn’t to the “chirpers”, as Aer so charmingly refers to new people on Twitter who they ask to entrust them with their password. It’s to the people who already have a lot of followers and want to further pump up their accounts. Classic rich-get-richer stuff — with bad security to boot. More here.

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