Daily Archives: June 16, 2009

iPhone visual voicemail from YouMail, but what about Google Voice?

These days it seems everyone is trying to intergrate Visual voicemail into their wireless service.  I ran across a post where YouMail has brought the service to the iPhone in a post here from Cnet’s Jessica Dolcourt.

YouMail Visual VoiceMail Plus for iPhone

I also heard Verizon charges for this service, while everyone is trying to make money off the Visual voicemail one service is not.  Google’s former service GrandCentral has been providing this feature for over two years now it’s been renamed Google Voice.  At one time you could invite people to the service, but that option has been turned off for some time.  This is the latest post about Google Voice:

To clear up any confusion, please note that there are no Google Voice invites available at this time. There has been no distribution of any sort of Google Voice invites, as these invites do not exist. The best way to be informed when Google Voice becomes available for sign up is by providing your information at https://services.google.com/fb/forms/googlevoiceinvite/.

I would suggest you signup, also if you already use Google Voice leave a comment about how you like the service.