Twitter has a new friend in URL shortners, Tweetburner with statistics

Micro blogging has been around for a while now but lately it has taken off growing by leaps and bounds. Can you update your friends and colleges in 140 characters? It’s harder then you think and by no means is it easy when the real estate is so limited. So what happens when you want to save and share a URL link? As we all know some URL links could be 50 characters all by it self. so the shorter a URL is the better that is for you and what you want to say to the world.

Tweetburner lets you track what happens with the links you share on Twitter.

Last week I came across a URL shortner called Tweetburner. Not the shortest name for URL shortners but it ties statistics to those URL’s so you can gauge how many people click the link. It’s always good to know if people are really clicking your links. There are a number of URL shortners on the net, I found a blogger at who created a blog post back in May of 2008 about called “Shorten URLs via – free bookmarklet for URL redirection“.  Mashable created a post showing “90 of the top URL shortening services

The reason why I’m talking about tweetburner is two fold, not only does it work but you can create your tweet right from the tweetburner website which will let you login to your twitter account and/or friendfeed to send a post right from the site. Most of the other URL shortners don’t do that cause they were not made with twitter specifically in mind. Give tweetburner a try if you want statistics or give a try if you just absolutely have to have the shortest URL.

I found a video of Tweetburner which explains a bit and shows you what it does check this out:



3 Responses to Twitter has a new friend in URL shortners, Tweetburner with statistics

  1. courtney says:

    yay…a new toy….

  2. Corvida says:

    I love TweetBurner. It’s the only URL shortening service I use for Twitter. I love the tracking feature, but I hate that it only tracks clicks on Twitter. The stats that are available for those with accounts is awesome!

    I like that they’ve upgraded their bookmarklet too. Much cleaner and seems snappier.

  3. Mark says:

    The website always has problems its slow or it doesn’t work I used it a lot, then it just kept fucking up they need to get a new service provider or something because the site can’t handle the traffic or they got bugs on their website. If they worked it out it would be a 10 in my book but 50% reliability rate and I use it to make money so I would stay away until they tighten up or step up their game.

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