The game is over iPhone users, your gonna love this one

Remember when I said this as a joke?

Just for shits and giggles lets assume your out somewhere ladies and you see a hot guy with an iPhone, tell him if he can cut, copy, and paste on his iPhone you will go home with him no questions asked and do all the things he likes… Then when he has racked his brain and figured out he can’t do it say, I’m going over to the guy with the blackberry curve cause he can cut, copy and paste… Full Post here

Well Copy and paste on the iPhone is here…well…sort of. It seems the feature should be coming to the iPhone pretty damn soon. Take are look at this article from For me this might mean I’ll finally buy one, not really but I’ll look at them more now when I’m in the apple store.

It seems that Zac White a college student has figured out how to implement copy and past on any iPhone App without violating the iPhone SDK agreement. He has started a website called to introduce it take a look here. Ah…. an you thought it was not there because of some coding crap when it turns out that Apple just said it wasn’t a priority.

Here is the Video Explaining how it works:

Cut and Paste for iPhone from Cali Lewis on Vimeo.

So remember “Don’t play my little joke on anyone, you just might wake up next to them”



2 Responses to The game is over iPhone users, your gonna love this one

  1. TheJennTaFur says:

    I’m torn now. I want a blackberry curve but if this feature is not on it I will consider getting an iPhone. Ugh. Bless you for keeping us abreast always!

  2. black says:

    Oh no…. TheJennTaFur you can always cut, copy, and paste with a BlackBerry Curve… 🙂 Sorry for the confusion. It’s the iPhone that had/has issues…

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