Download Wednesday – Open Office

Today I wanted to let you know about OpenOffice which is the clone of Microsoft’s costly product Office. OpenOffice while different gives you some great features such as:

  • Text Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentation
  • Drawing
  • Database

The products listed are FREE you don’t pay for them because OpenOffice is a Open Source product. If you don’t have the money to purchase the most popular product Microsoft Office, download OpenOffice here.



2 Responses to Download Wednesday – Open Office

  1. Jay Garrett says:

    I’ve been using this since getting a new laptop back in May.

    Best thing that I’ve ever done – all the documents open in people’s Microsoft apps and it takes up less HD space – bonus!

    There’s an update just come out as well.

    I totally recommened Open Office to all!!


  2. Blackhatseo says:

    Added. Nice work on this one. Btw, my blog is dofollow, stop by and grab a link. Bompa

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