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While I love taking pictures I don’t like the high cost of photo editing software such as Corel, Paint Shop Pro, and Photoshop. I have always looked for a free way to edit and do cool things with photo software then I came across GIMP.

GIMP is released under the GNU free software license which lets you use the program for free. The GIMP software project has been around for a long time since about 1996 according to the website. Currently the stable version of GIMP is 2.51.

GIMP was created because Linux users wanted a way to be able to use great photo editing software on a Linux computer build.  So they did what they always do, make a better mouse trap. It was later compiled for Windows but the first intention of GIMP were for Linux users. Plug-ins have been created for GIMP to expand the capabilities.


While I would love to really go into the specifics and show you how it really works, I’m gonna let you look the GIMP website over and see for yourself. Tons of Tutorial sites have been created to show you how to set up GIMP and how to do simple things with this extensive software.

  • The tutorials here go from beginner to expert helping you to get aclimated to GIMP
  • Tons of YouTube videos have been created showing you how to use GIMP here, last count was about 946 videos.
  • An awesome Wiki has been created here

Remember you can complain but why? It’s FREE


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  1. MONEKE says:

    Like always Jay I know I can turn to your site to get all the answers I need. Thank you. Now I am searching for another tool I remember you posted a while back. 😀

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