semi-review and rant

As a new blogger I’m always looking for ways to gain subscribers.  Sometimes you find a great solution, but more then often you find a dud.  As Dave Kinsella said on his blog webdeveloper 2.0 article “Scoutle, great in principle but lacking something” I seem to agree great in principle but lacking something.  I came across scoutle when I was reading a forum where somone from scoutle posted a link.  I was going to chaulk this up as SPAM but I clicked the link.

Scoutle is supposed to be a new form of social networking as their website states.  Scoutle says you do not have to do anything which is correct.  You set a scout

and it goes out and surfs other sites to help you find content that interest you.

I have been using Scoutle for a while now over a good month or two.  At this time it seems this service is a dud.  I never meet any new bloggers, as the number on my scout grew to over 400.  I don’t know what the number represented because in my opinion it was there for no reason at all.  I never held one conversation with another Scoutle user.  While my scout had meetings with other scouts on the scoutle system but, I never saw anything that showed this helping me. ( you have to see the site to understand a meeting)

In the end I think that my scout only promoted one person which is

An update has been mentioned for September which they say will make scout much better and useful, I hope this is true but for now I’m going to delete my scout, and my scoutle account.


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  1. Hi there TBTR,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for writing about Scoutle. As I search the Internet for user experiences, I am always glad to find a review, even when these may not be like we hope for.

    I agree many things are unclear and a huge update is needed. This is why we are currently working on a complete new version. Apart from the logo and many of the algorithms we use, basicaly everything will be new. Not only new features but most important, making sure our users understand Scoutle and benefit from it.

    We started in May by searching for beta-testers but things went a little out of control. Of course, the number of new users we still welcome every day is a good sign but this also makes us work even harder to finish the new version.

    As I can see, you were one of the first users. You have probably also experienced some changes already. The coming two months, we will not update the current version much but I promiss you… by September you will be proud to have been one of the first users able to remember the first version.

    Any suggestion on how we can improve Scoutle is very welcome. Either by email or using the Suggest improvement link, after login.

    Thanks for joining Scoutle in the early stage and I truly hope to see you (back) in september.

    Kind regards,

    Godfried (Scoutle)

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