Download Wednesday – Cerulean Studios Trillian

I have been a Trillian fan since the company introduced one of the first Instant messenger that tie messengers together. This is an application download you get the best of both worlds you can install the client and use it to connect to Yahoo, MSN, and AIM. While others have come along such as jabber, and others trillian still holds a soft spot in my heart.

Its a great thing when you can log in all the messengers you want including IRC then only use one application. No longer do you need to download Yahoo messenger, MSN messenger now Live messenger, AIM messenger, and ICQ messenger they are all in this one program. Oh and I forgot to tell you it’s FREE the Basic version, there is a Pro version and if you like Trillian I encourage you to purchase the Pro version.


2 Responses to Download Wednesday – Cerulean Studios Trillian

  1. EJ says:

    I love Trillian. Been using it for years. What I’m hoping they improve on is their webcam, specifically for Yahoo…and as soon as they integrate GTalk? Oh it will be GOLDEN then….

  2. the simian says:

    have you checked out digsby?
    i used to salivate over the new trillian stuff, until i tried it. but to each their own in the end….just figured you might want to checek it out?
    unless you already had…but i didnt see a search option on your page

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