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Micro-blogging is the best here is another clone

Those of you who don’t know what brightkite is I wanted to bring it to ya. I have been a brightkite user for a while but really didn’t understand why I wanted it in my life until about a week ago. Twitter another micro-blogging platform is great for telling people what your doing in small blurbs such as going to the store, visiting the country, eating a bagel.

Where are you located is a question on my mind.

What your doing is great, but wouldn’t it be nice to give someone the exact location of where you are along with what your doing? At first thought it kind of scares you to know that in a public place such as the internet you will post where you are physically. Let me assure you everyone CAN NOT see exactly where you are, because of some safety nets that brightkite has in place. Understand that you need to read about brightkite before you just start posting locations and addresses all over the place.

Like twitter you can still post your thoughts and sayings in 140 characters, but now with location you could meet people you didn’t know. You could post your location at the Starbucks your going to and someone in the area on brightkite might be in the neighborhood and drop by. You will see how this happens, not everyone in the world knows your exact location, only the people you have marked as trusted friends. You could visit the botanical gardens while taking amazing pictures which you can post to brightkite along with the location of where the pictures were taken.

The possibility’s are endless so if your interested in brightkite please send me an email to thebtr {at} gmail {dot} com. I have 5…4 invites that I presume will go very fast.

If you have an account add me:


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