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Download Wednesday – Cerulean Studios Trillian

I have been a Trillian fan since the company introduced one of the first Instant messenger that tie messengers together. This is an application download you get the best of both worlds you can install the client and use it to connect to Yahoo, MSN, and AIM. While others have come along such as jabber, and others trillian still holds a soft spot in my heart.

Its a great thing when you can log in all the messengers you want including IRC then only use one application. No longer do you need to download Yahoo messenger, MSN messenger now Live messenger, AIM messenger, and ICQ messenger they are all in this one program. Oh and I forgot to tell you it’s FREE the Basic version, there is a Pro version and if you like Trillian I encourage you to purchase the Pro version.


Vacation Carnival Cruise… Out of Office Notice :-)

Florida Hotel Pool Area

I will be on vacation all of this week so any emails or comments will not get approved until my return. I’m probably on a beach somewhere in ST. Thomas right about now sippin on something.


Have fun and keep learning technology until I return.

P.S. This was a picture on the house keeping managers door, I thought this was too damn funny…. Grammer and all.



Download Wednesday – You can copy a website directly to your hard drive.


HTTrack is a Free/Open Source program that can copy a website to your local hard drive. You could set it up to copy a small website or even a huge website, but I would caution you from downloading a site with gigs and gigs of data. The program has some settings you can change but for the most part out of the box it’s ready to go.

Why would you copy a website 1.) To show people how a website works, 2.) To Grab all images out of folders. I could give you many more reason but lets just stop here. As you look at the HTTrack website there are alot of things from documentation, FAQ information, to how not to use this program.

The following video is one I found on youtube Mike explains this pretty well the video is about 4 1/2 minutes enjoy:

Video by: Mike from Northern Kentucky University


Learn how to tell if someone is really following you on twitter.


Twitter the social micro-blogging site that helps you make online friends, promote your business or just have fun has a new helper service. Less friends is a cool little site that helps you find out who’s following you. When you first start using twitter it’s easy to know who follows you all you have to do is look at the number your following and the number of followers if they are close then most likely most of your friends are following what you say. As your status and friends grow on twitter it becomes very hard to keep up. In comes less friends I was a little leary at first to sign in to see if this works, but I used an account that I don’t always login to and thus not to worried about it.

WOW it really worked I was able to notice about 16 people that follow me but I was not following them. The number on my twitter page showed me following 46 people and 60 followers, that means when I’m done adding them I’ll be at about 62 i think. I would tell you it works perfect but I’m not sure the guys at Less Everthing that made this are kwel in my book. Here is a link to the Less friends blog


I wonder how many computers will be infected today, thanks alot FireFox 3

HACKEDToday is the incredible attempt by to set a Guinness World Record for the most downloads in a 24 hour period. Today while I was Plurking (Plurk is a social site much like twitter for micro-blogging) a conversation started and I just had to write this post.

Conversation link:

See some people got the link to the FF3 download ahead of time and started

posting this on twitter, plurk, pownce, friendfeed, and other places on the net. This got me to thinking “What if phishing (phishing is an attempt to criminally and fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as user names, passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity), and hacker websites decided to put a fake link out there? What kind of damage could they do on such a historic occasion?

4 quick ways people could exploit this day in history:

  • Today would have been the perfect day for the internet marketer to make a fake site and send out a fake link by email
    • ···The response would have been enormous everyone waiting on the FF3 link would have clicked
  • Web hosting companies could have directed tons of people to there landing page for new hosting accounts.
    • ···This would only work for those techies looking for hosting
  • Weight loss blogs, and companies that make weight loss products could have rode the mother load on this one.
    • ···Do you know how many people are over weight, the link alone saying how to lose 10 pounds in 2 days, would have prompted sign ups.
  • You can’t forget about Porn sites looking for more passengers on the boat of love would have found new subscribers.
    • ···One picture with the hottest girl of 2008 could have gained millions of hits and new subscribers
  • Hackers could have made a page that looks just like the FF3 landing page and redirected millions of people to sites that steal information, or install A Trojan horse.
    • …If you think your safe, your not everyone can get a Trojan horse if the hacker is well seasoned.

I could go on thinking of the perfect ways people could have gotten you to click on a fake link today just because you wanted to download FireFox 3. Since I kind of got your attention now I’m just gonna say this Please be careful today downloading FF3. You will see tons of links posted where you can download the latest FF3 but there is only one offical link and that is: