Help netflix fight off cry baby blockbuster.

Every day there is something going on in technology that gets me excited. Today is another one of those days I caught wind that Netflix has finally finished working on it’s streaming video player. The device has been called “The Netflix Player” not the greatest of names but hey they probably tried really hard.

It looks like the player is gonna be an awesome device and another push by netflix to try an innovate. They really need to make some changes at netflix because of the pressure to perform and also to out do the competition blockbuster. As many of you know blockbuster is trying to buy out Circuit City if this happens Netflix is in real trouble without something new and innovative.

The Player instantly streams movies from Netflix directly to the TV. It’s a device that enables netflix subscribers to instantly stream over 10,000 movies in the Netflix arasonal. This does include the TV shows which have multiple disk, that will help the individual who loves old shows and wants to watch them over and over again. The only problem is they have not set up all the movies so the latest movies that are out are not streamable at this time, but I would guess it’s only a matter of time. I would say they should have new movies coming on line very soon. To me this means I can get my movies faster on release day I love being the first person at home to watch the new DVD’s.

The device features:

  • Remote Control
  • HDMI Port
  • Componet Video
  • S-Video
  • Composite Video
  • Digital Optical Audio
  • Analog Stereo Audio

The device is priced at just $99.99 and is available for purchase as we speak.

Read more about this story here on the Roku site and the Press Release.

2 Responses to Help netflix fight off cry baby blockbuster.

  1. i like the player idea. If it wasn’t so gawd damned ugly I’d be all for it. 😉

  2. JayMoney says:

    Yes the box is ugly, it’s obvious that design is not the best trait of Roku… 🙂

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