Why my fascination with twitter?

It seems that lately I have written more stories about twitter then my normal technical subjects. As I noticed this I had to ask myself why have I been so eager to blog about twitter. Could it be the fact that it’s slow, or the fact that it’s rated the worst social site for downtime by pingdom. I think all of this came about because I really LIKE…No shall I say…LOVE twitter. We have been dating since November 2007 and it seems as of late we have a kind of love hate relationship.

Twitter has been a productivity killer since my first post, it really went down hill when I expressed my LOVE for her. There were days where all I did was twitter in to the hours of the night, knowing damn well I would miss her until the next morning. My twitter love goes deep I have caught myself waking up at 3AM just to pick up my crackberry (blackberry) and check whats going on through my installed crackberry application twitterberry. I love her never mind that I have taken away from my daily activities at times OH how I have taken away.

I even had a twitter romance dubbed twittermance, don’t worry the domain is mine and your never gonna get it. With this love hate relationship I have noticed that there have been times where I hate her or just wished her gone. Like the time I deleted my account thinking I could just put her down like a smoker quits cold turkey. That little stunt backfired and with in 24 hours I added my account back (it took longer and I had to get the twitter folk involved but after a week my account was back up Yea!)

For now I just wanted to tell Twitter that I still LOVE her and hope she is doing OK, even tho we don’t talk everyday anymore.

Stay tuned


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  1. Kim J says:

    Wow, I read about so many bloggers loving twitter these days! And I’m happy for them, but I really just can’t make a go it. Perhaps I just don’t understand it well enough. I just don’t get the purpose of it.

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