Software helps nab thieves, and you thought it was just good for spreadsheets.

logoSo you thought you got away with a nice new Mac and other stolen goods. Here is a story that speaks to the heart of the digital age. A Mac users apartment was burglarized, normally you fill out the police report information, file the insurance papers if you had insurance, wait for the premium to go up oh, and just caulk it up as a lost. But now days we have so many ways of finding our laptops with factory installed programs and with .Mac service from apple. This user was able to use back to my mac software. Which is like a screen sharing program it enabled her to use the photo booth application on her laptop to take a picture of the thieves. Then a little trip to the police station, with picture and evidence in hand an arrest was made. So the moral of the story is 1.) Hide your Mac when company comes over and 2.) Pay for the subscription to .mac service…

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