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Podcast #10 RSS Feeds

Here is the podcast about RSS Feeds.



I know a way you can surf the web faster and retain more information introducing the RSS feed.

RSS Feed icon buttonDo you check multiple websites such as news sites, health sites, community sites and others on a daily, even hourly basis? The answer for me is indeed yes I could even go further, and sometimes say I check certain sites by the minute although that just shows my OCD boredom. Do you ever ask yourself “there has to be a better way?” Let me tell you a secret there truly is a better way, start looking for RSS feeds on those sites it just makes your life a lot easier.

What is RSS?
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a Web feed format used to publish frequently updated content such as blogs, news headlines, and podcasts in a standardized format. RSS documents contain a summary of content from an associated web site or the full text. RSS makes it possible for people to keep up with web sites in an automated manner. RSS essentially is a specially formed XML document that can be displayed in a pretty readable format by RSS reader programs.

So what is XML?
Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a general-purpose specification for creating custom markup languages. It is classified as an extensible language because it allows its users to define their own elements. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the sharing of structured data across different information systems, particularly via the Internet.

How is all this going to help me?
Well the truth of the matter is that RSS feeds will help to eliminate your need to check websites for updates or the latest headlines. In my opinion this helps you out in the long run with being able to access one program to view all your data about the latest headlines and stories. This does not eliminate you viewing the websites that you always view but think about how much time it will save you when you open a program and all the latest stories are right in front of you.

Now that I have told you what RSS and XML are you need to know how to view them. In order to view the RSS feeds you need a computer feed reader or aggregator (program).

For a list of reader programs click here

How will you know the website you visit frequently is using RSS feeds?
You have probably seen the icon for RSS feeds and not even paid it any mind. The icon shown here (small) (Large) this icon is universal. When you see these icons you should be able to click on the icon or the words next to the icon. This will start the RSS feed program you choose to install from the link above. Sometimes you will need to copy and paste the RSS Feed URL which will look something like this

In closing RSS feeds help you sift through all the junk to get right to the point of the matter the infomation you need right now. There are so many reader programs out there that I suggest you download and try a veriety of them before you choose. Personally I was using feedreader for a long time but have switched over to google/reader recently with great success. I have looked at my stats to see what programs are downloading my feeds personally and the majority over 50% comes from people who use google reader that speaks volumes to me.

If in the end I have confused you beyond belief view this video that expalines RSS. Enjoy

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Help netflix fight off cry baby blockbuster.

Every day there is something going on in technology that gets me excited. Today is another one of those days I caught wind that Netflix has finally finished working on it’s streaming video player. The device has been called “The Netflix Player” not the greatest of names but hey they probably tried really hard.

It looks like the player is gonna be an awesome device and another push by netflix to try an innovate. They really need to make some changes at netflix because of the pressure to perform and also to out do the competition blockbuster. As many of you know blockbuster is trying to buy out Circuit City if this happens Netflix is in real trouble without something new and innovative.

The Player instantly streams movies from Netflix directly to the TV. It’s a device that enables netflix subscribers to instantly stream over 10,000 movies in the Netflix arasonal. This does include the TV shows which have multiple disk, that will help the individual who loves old shows and wants to watch them over and over again. The only problem is they have not set up all the movies so the latest movies that are out are not streamable at this time, but I would guess it’s only a matter of time. I would say they should have new movies coming on line very soon. To me this means I can get my movies faster on release day I love being the first person at home to watch the new DVD’s.

The device features:

  • Remote Control
  • HDMI Port
  • Componet Video
  • S-Video
  • Composite Video
  • Digital Optical Audio
  • Analog Stereo Audio

The device is priced at just $99.99 and is available for purchase as we speak.

Read more about this story here on the Roku site and the Press Release.

Stompernet is opening it’s access today at 3PM EST I will be there.

MoneyA couple of days ago I got wind of a website called from a twitter post. A link to was posted, which helps people understand SEO and helps you build a business on the web. I was taken back a bit because I had never heard of Stompernet but now that I found it all I can say is WOW. The site is a members only site for the most part, although they release different videos for free that help anyone who is not a member.

So now getting to membership this is probably why I didn’t know about this website, the price to be a member is crazy. They don’t just let you sign up everyday the last time they opened the network it was over a year ago. I’m not sure if the price I saw was recent or old, but I know why I had never herd of them. The price was about $800 per month “what the hell”. This price blew my mind and also made me think what in the hell are they giving me for $800 per month.

That price might seem very steep to you but the truth is for the information they are providing you it’s not that bad. Just like anything else you have to take the bull by the horns and run with it. The truth is that later today at around 3PM Eastern time they will be opening the system up again for new subscribers. I’m not sure if I’m ready to shell out that kind of money, but if I can make my money back in a matter of 3 to 6 months the money will be well worth the effort.

Visit the website for more information:

Visit the launch for the reopen here.

Keep track of those passwords instead of writing it down all the time.

With all the passwords in your life from your home computer to your work computer to your email passwords. You could have any where from 3 passwords to 10 passwords or many more. While one password for all those systems can work for you. The problem with that is the fact that once a crook has figured out your password they now have access to your entire online life.

In the past I have talked at length about how important it is to have secure passwords. Well with programs such as Password Safe and Any Password. You have the capability to save your passwords and related information in on place which makes it easy to retrieve this at anytime.

There are many more programs to do this with, but I wanted to talk about those that I have personally used before.

Password safe is released under open source and free software

When installing Password Safe you have a choice to install 2 ways:

  • Regular (uses registry, suitable for home or single computer)
  • Green (for disk-on-key; does not use host registry pen or usb drives)
    • Oh you can purchase a copy of the U3 Version which installs on your U3 USB drive learn more about U3 here.

The database is kept with the extension of (.psafe3)

You can create new passwords enter notes, URL information and keep a copy of the last 255 password changes. Also you can tell the system when the password has to be changed by a specific date or number of days. The encryption that Password Safe uses is Two Fish which is considered very secure.

Any Password has two versions of the program you can download for your computer one is the free version which works great but with limited capabilities and Any Password Pro which has some expanded capabilities. Any Password is not vista ready in the current version, but they say that is coming soon for the free version beside Any Password Pro is Vista ready at this time. Pocket Any Password version is free and available for Pocket PC 3.0 (2002) or higher running on ARM, MIPS, or SH3 processors. All passwords are protected by the RC2/MD5 encryption algorithms.

  • The install options don’t let you choose to install on any removable media such as pen or usb drives.

The database is kept with the extention of (.apw)

With the addition of Any Password Pro you get these added features:

* ability to store files
* expired password notification
* sending password or other information automatically to other applications
* database synchronization
* data file compression
* ability to run from removable devices
* and more…

Which ever program you choose to install just remember what happens if your computer gets stolen or your hard drive goes bad. You could potentially loose all the passwords to your systems. This is why I tell people to email a copy of the database to your online email account such as hotmail, yahoo, or gmail. That way you can reinstall the program later in time.

Any password is capable of doing what you want but my 2 minute review says that Password Safe has more capabilities. I would suggest you download the both of them and make a choice for your self but I do think that you get more with the Password Safe which is 100% free all the time.

Any Password Download

Password Safe Download

Password Safe U3 Version Download