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What? You can’t log on IM at work…I got a solution

Meebo Logo

Not everyone works from home, and for that matter not everyone connects to the Internet from home. Have you ever been at a place using free WiFi or at work and tried to log on to a Instant Messenger such as Yahoo, MSN, AIM or others? If you have only to be denied access a bit of help is here. While everyone probably knows about these IM clients the world over many people don’t know about the other IM services that are just as good and even better.

If your looking for a IM client that’s great and helps you log into all the other services such as AIM, Yahoo, MSN, and others Meebo is the one for you. Their website explains it best:

Meebo lets you access your buddies on all the major networks (AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber) in a single buddylist, right from your browser.

The main reason for this post is because Meebo has something new if your red bull addicted network administrator has locked down access and you can no longer use your IM client try Meebo. You can log in to the system through your browser, no download and at most companies this works perfect. Understand that on the off chance he or she has done a one up and gone even further. Meebo has now implemented something new called the Meebo repeater they explain it best here:

Meebo Repeater is a software download for people who want to chat safely when their IM access is restricted.

Just install the repeater on a computer that can access the Web freely, and then use that computer to bounce the signal to Meebo. It’s simple and secure.

Although there are other ways that Network Administrators can lock down access to these applications like AIM, Yahoo, and MSN, Admins can implement Group Policies that restrict the use of these applications, and also deny the installation of the programs. The reason why Meebo is great in my opinion is because it works inside of the Internet browser, as I understand it all the browsers from IE, Firefox, Opera and others.

This video shows a little bit about the Meebo experience, The last part of the video is about Meebo me which is online chat but that’s for a more experienced individual if you want more about that click here Meebo me:

No longer do you need to be denied access to your friends, and or clients you now have a real solution that works great. Just for the pundits who might say there are other sites that do this I wanted to link to them here although I have not tried them they are there none the less Miranda, Adium (for Mac Users), and Pidgin (Although I’ve heard reliability problems persist maybe not anymore tho)


Podcast #9 My e-mail just freaked out!

This past weekend my father had some issues with his DSL providers email. I wanted to share with all of you how you should approach the same kind of issue. This podcast is short and from now on I think short and simple will be just good enough for all of us. I talk about getting two seperate email addresses so that you can use one for family and friends. Then use the other email for SPAM or signing up for things on the internet. Although these help you remember you will never be able to 100% stop SPAM.




Twitter…Please don’t do it, Advertising??? NO please don’t…

Twitter Logo

While I was reading my Google Reader post from various RSS feeds. I came across a post that is both exciting and disturbing at the same time. In the article that TechCrunch has posed it seems last night or Sunday Night 4/13/08 twitter was doing a little knocking of the gears and some people said they saw ad’s being attached to their tweets or in the stream of tweets. While the excitement comes for a company that has yet to monetize twitter, the disturbing or disappointing fact remains that we all subcomb to the beast. The all mighty dollar, $$$$, money, duckets, cnotes, hundeds.

As we all know when you run a business it makes sense to operate in a fashion that will eventually make money. Those of us who run businesses and also twitter for business understand the audience is there and ripe for the pickens. I mean it’s not easy to make money from a service that post in 140 characters or less what your doing who would have thunk it.

So it seems like the big bucks have taken a hold of what I considered to be one the truest forms of communications, the talons that the VC’s have now sunk into the twitter head honchos is pretty tight. We always get to see something great turn into something foolish and eventully dead because of the VC’s fast method of “making money”.

I really hope the story is not true but if it is get ready for your post just like your gmail to show you wanted and unwanted ads telling you how great this product is that your twittering about.

Twitter just remember to make a pay subscription so I can immediately turn off my ad as soon as you go live on May 1.

Just my 2 cents.