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My Hiatus is over, time to get to work

Well I wanted to get back to the show over the past couple of weeks but it’s been very crazy over here.  It’s all my fault that the show has not been consistant lately.  I’m hoping to pull in the reigns on it this week.  The show will be a little spotty over the next couple of weeks but I will put out some shows.

Please stay with me to those who hear the show!

I am still with you.

Jayson Flint

I’m sorry for no shows this week… I made a boo boo

I have to confess that this week My DSL has been down because of none payment.  I guess this is what you call real life, financially I ran into some real issues this past week, and could not pay to keep the DSL up.  This is totally my fault and I apologize to everyone who reads this blog and also looks forward to the show on Monday & Wednesday nights.

So with that being said next week I will resume my show, I think I have found a work around,  and no I’m going to steal the neighbors WiFi access.

Send any questions or suggestions for show titles to me at thebtr [at] gmail [dot] com



Podcast #7 Wireless Communications

So you don’t want to be tied to that one room in your house, the junk room where your DSL or Cable Access is located.  Well your in luck with the continued success of the wireless Access Point you can have wirless broadband communications anywhere in your house.  All you have to do is purchase a Wireless router, and make a couple of setting changes and your off.

On 8/8/07 we discussed wireless communications, also wireless security and we talked a little bit about what manufactures to puchase.




Podcast #6 Protect your computer from harm.

I’m sorry it took me 2 days to post the podcast from 8/6/2007. I was very tired on Monday night and didn’t finish editing the show as I normally do. So the next day I was going to edit the show and finish up. I did edit and finish up but then didn’t post it until today.

This show talks a bit about keeping your computer from harm weather thats spyware or A/C power. I hope you enjoy this podcast #6.

Protect your computer from harm.




Itunes is ready to go…

You just don’t know how long it took for me to figure out that my itunes link was not working on my web page here. Ummm I guess I was just so excited about getting listed once again, that I forgot that the id on my itunes link was not attached to my show id#. I always says this “I learn something new everyday” when the unexpected happens.

Well enought of the rant if you have itunes and you want to subscribe to the podcast the button now works. Better late than never. Click here will also send you to the itunes store to download the podcast.

Oh I have to remember to say this otherwise some people might not understand. This is free all the podcast in the itunes directory to my knowledge is free. So they will not charge you unless you purchase music on the apple website.

Take Care