Podcast #4 RSS Feeds, MP3 players, & Email Etiquette

After another episode of theblacktechreport.com I am still excited about the program and how things are shaping up. When I started this show I didn’t know how much joy and excitement I would have about it. Although I knew that I wanted to explain and teach technology I had not done this since 2000 when I was the Asst. Manager of Technical Support for Qwest wireless. I hope you enjoy this pod cast about RSS Feeds, MP3 players, and Email Etiquette. I changed the look of the show notes hopefully for the better remember to send me feed back to thebtr[at]gmail[dot]com.

For those of you who don’t understand what I just wrote I am trying to make sure that robots don’t harvest my email address from my site and start spamming me like crazy so the address above still looks like a normal address just replace what’s in the bracket with the proper @ symbol and . for dot.

Rss Feeds, MP3 players, and Email Etiquette [display_podcast]

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