Daily Archives: July 20, 2007

I’m sorry.

I wanted to appoligize to everyone who has listened to the first two podcast I have put out. I made a boo boo and I know I need to fess up now instead of later when people start emailing me.

On the second podcast for “What is Podcasting” about half way through at 14 minutes and 48 seconds the volume is noticbly lower. I’m not sure how that happened I must have done a full adjustment to the rest of the show and just didn’t notice till today when listening.


Oh BTW, a good friend of mine reminded me to post my show notes. I said I was going to do that but for some reason it didn’t happen well from now on you will notice my show notes in front of all the .MP3 files that I have posted. This will be a consistant theme going forward.



All you have to do is read a book.

The truth is I have not been coding websites actively since probably 2002. So when I decided to do this project TheBlackTechReport I thought well… with WordPress I can just use that to run my website. This would free me up from all the coding that comes with planning, troubleshooting and starting a website. I thought this would free me up to pay more attention to my show and the content of the show. I was wrong if you visited the site before then you can now see I have embedded my live video feed on the site now.

OMG!!! You just don’t know how long it took me to add this to the website. If I had written this code for the website myself it would have been much easier, but since WordPress is written in PHP I have a huge learning curve. This is not a major problem but with work, family, church, and other activities I’m stretched thin.

You know how you get fed up with something so much that you decided, I don’t care how long it takes today, but this is going to get done NOW! That’s what happened this morning with my embedding of the video feed. I looked on the shelf behind me and I remembered I had a PHP book from like 2000 or so. I tried to read this book once before but it was like hieroglyphics to me and I lost interest very quickly. I am self taught on most of the software that I know, but when I’m bored with it the book may sit for over 2 years without a single page being turned.

I’m telling you this because it only takes a little bit of time to read something, to learn something new. Don’t think that just because your uneducated in the book sense that you will always be uneducated. You have the power and ability to educate yourself. We can all make excuses, but what’s the last book you read? (NOT THE NEWSPAPER) In order for self improvement you have to do it yourself. Find a subject that your interested in visit your local library or book store. Don’t believe what others say about you, believe what you are from the inside. You can do anything you want to do just believe in yourself even when no one believes in you.

Some of my most successful times in my life have been when I just did something on my own and didn’t tell anyone at all.